Baumer absolute motor feedback encoders EFL580 BiSS C
Monday, 27. June 2016

Absolute motor feedback encoders – perfected in efficiency and...

The absolute motor feedback encoders EFL580 BiSS C by Baumer ensure excellent signal quality thanks to high-precision mechanics and optical sensing....

Thursday, 23. June 2016

Top rated once again – Baumer obtaining the Bisnode D&B certificate

Once again, the excellent credit standing and stable economic business development of Baumer has been certified by Bisnode in their D&B Rating...

LX VisualApplets cameras by Baumer are nominated for the “inspect award 2017”. Vote and win!
Wednesday, 22. June 2016

LX VisualApplets cameras by Baumer nominated for the “inspect award...

The LX VisualApplets cameras by Baumer are nominated for the “inspect award 2017” of GIT publishing house. The online voting for the final...



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