"Our contribution to your quality pledge"

Baumer sensors in hygienic design are reliable components which decisively support product quality and process stability. Most of all, we put experience in our products. We know about the special challenge of producing foods so that they are fresh and delicious when they reach the customer. Using this knowledge we have developed probably the most comprehensive range of solutions in the market.

Reliable ultrasonic or photoelectric sensors, temperature meters and pressure gages for touch-free volume calculation of cheese or meat products or homogenization and/or pasteurization provide more safety during processing or subsequent processing, so your quality pledge keeps what it promises.

For example SmartReflect™

With SmartReflect™ Baumer offers the first reflector light barrier which detects even highly transparent bottles or foils. When SmartReflect™ is used, the light beam can easily be closed by a machine part at the conveyor belt so the costly installation of an additional reflector is unnecessary.

  • Applications
    • Temperature measurement in mixing tanks

      CombiTemp flush-mount temperature measuring system in hygienic design

        • Modular building block system comprising different temperature sensors and high-precision temperature transmitters
        • The modular, hygenic process connections of the CombiConnect series offer maximum flexibility, reduce inventory and save costs
        • Flush-mount hygienic process connection for use with paddles and agitators, suitable for highly viscous and heterogene media
        • Configurable with FlexProgrammer 9701

        Dependable detecion by sensors in hygienic design

        SmartReflect sensor FNDH 14 in hygienic design

        • Most reliable form of object detection using beam interruption
        • Hygienic sensor design, EHEDG certified
        • Reflects off stainless steel and can use parts of the machine as reference
        • Extended 800 mm sensing range covers conveyor belts of almost any width
        • proTect+: proven impermeability also at frequent temperature changes
        • Extremely resistant against cleaning agents, high-class IP 68/IP 69K protection
        • Configuration and retrieval of the status information via IO-Link
        • Eliminates complicated integration of a reflector into the hygienic design of the system
        • Special stainless steel reflector, EHEDG certified, available as an option

          High and low level monitoring in buffer tanks

          Level switch LFFS for point level measurement

          • Detects the level of liquids, viscous fluids and dry media
          • Optional sliding connection can serve as cooling zone for high temperature applications up to +200 °C
          • Bright blue LED on top allows for reading of the switching status on a 360° angle

            Maximum output by product gauging prior to cutting

            Precise and robust OADR 20 laser sensors in stainless steel housing

            • Non-contact thickness sensing for precise volume evaluation of products like cheese or meat
            • Ultra-resistant against cleaning agents and with IP 69K protection against high-pressure water jets
            • The high resolution up to 5 μm together with the wide sensing range up to 600 mm enable accurate thickness detection from miniature to large products
            • Precise color- and surface-independent object scanning even at rapid processing speed by virtue of high measuring frequency
            • Temperature measurement in storage tanks

              CombiTemp temperature transmitter in TE1 housing with hygienic process connection 3A/DN38

              • Fast response sensor tip for precise and immediate measurement of the process temperature
              • Easy exchange and maintenance due to building block concept
              • FlexTop temperature transmitter or ceramic measuring insert
              • Available with various standard process connections
              • Configurable with FlexProgrammer 9701

                Measuring the optimum solution concentration in CIP processes

                ISL inductive conductivity sensor with integrated temperature compensation

                • Highly suitable for media separation or measuring the agent concentration in CIP units thanks to optimized flow geometry and fast response time
                • Due to the outstanding accuracy, it is even suited for poor conductivity media and low flow rates
                • Immediate on-site control of conductivity and temperature via the integrated LCD display (of particular help in manually operated cleaning processes)

                  Precise pressure measurement during the pasteurization process

                  ED701 stainless steel pressure transmitter with hygienic process connection

                  • Precise measurement due to the very high accuracy (up to 0.1 % of the full scale), excellent long-term stability and fast response time
                  • Active temperature drift compensation of the pressure measurement
                  • Suitable for CIP and SIP processes with a high-temperature version
                  • Easy recalibration of the zero point
                  • Programmable measuring range allows for customer-specific modifications

                    Precise longitudinal profile detection of curds in compensation tanks and trays

                    Ultrasonic sensor UNAR 18 with specific surface coating and stainless steel housing

                    • The ultrasonic sensor in a stainless steel housing (1.4435) with FDA-compliant surface coating provides high chemical resistance against industry-specific cleaning agents
                    • Reliable object detection and product gauging, for example of cheese and meat, independent of surface or color
                    • Available in several configurations with different sonic beam characteristics for the optimum task-matching solution
                    • Switching and distance measuring sensors