FlexiDrive Positioning System – Fast and Reliable Positioning

sexta, 14. novembro 2008

  • Supplementary functions for reduced cycle time
  • Relief for the machine controller thanks to decentralized intelligence
  • Modular system with large variety of electronics, motors, and gears

Manufacturing ever smaller batch sizes necessitates ever simpler and efficient production line retooling and adjustment. Thanks to supplementary functions, Baumer FlexiDrive drives take this challenge into account.

For example, a different target can be defined during an active travel job or the user can switch from the positioning to the speed mode. This saves cycle time. Thanks to dynamic PDO mapping of the position, speed and current, CANopen versions offer expanded adjustment and diagnostic options for optimizing travel profiles.

FlexiDrive compact drives consist of a motor, a drive, an absolute multi-turn position measurement combined with integrated power electronics for control and bus communication. The optimized positioning and speed controllers relieve the PLC, increase overall equipment performance and thus save costs. In addition, the amount of cabling required is also reduced. The absolute position measurement eliminates any referencing requirement. This increases equipment availability once it has been switched on.

In critical situations, for example during an overrun after an emergency stop, position measurement is active and the application remains under control. The FlexiDrive modular system comprises a variety of motors with outputs ranging from 6 W to 480 W, flexibly combined with numerous planetary, spur, angular and hollow shaft gears. Brakes can be optionally included.