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quarta, 14. outubro 2015

The HOG 86 product family by Baumer offers the perfectly matching HeavyDuty encoder for any application.

HeavyDuty encoder family HOG 86  – compact, robust, individual

Baumer, the encoder expert, has further completed the HOG 86 encoder family by adding some new variants. Baumer  continues the practice-proven concept of shaft bearings on both sides combined with significantly enhanced high-precision optical sensing. Contrary to the shaft running in a one-side bearing, two-sided bearing support will significantly extend the encoder service life under similar conditions. Any situation-induced overload imposed on the bearings is “shared” and commonly compensated. In practice, this means: Increased reserve capacity, improved system availability and less maintenance effort – the proven benefits of a genuine Baumer HeavyDuty encoder. Tough where it’s rough, precise in performance.
The new HOG 86 modular product platform enables user-specific solutions as a standard.  The user can pick exactly the HOG 86 properties required, without compromising on service life or HeavyDuty capabilities. This way, the encoder family in a compact design will master both standard and even specialized applications which so far have called for expensive individual solutions. Tough where it’s rough, precise in performance – that’s the motto of the entire HOG 86  family for consistent reliable speed acquisition. The aluminum housing is also designed for maximum durability. The thick walls of more than 10mm withstand even strong shocks and vibrations.

The heart of every incremental HeavyDuty encoder is a solid basic functionality which are added some useful extras. For example, HOG 86 E with a resolution up to 2500 ppr meets all requirements on encoder functionality and HeavyDuty capabilities in parallel, such as isolated shaft and robust connection options. The unpainted housing will save cost to those customers who have the motors or generators painted with the encoder already installed.

Wherever it comes to customer-specific requirements, HOG 86 is the product to choose. Where required, it offers resolutions of up to 5000 ppr. Versatile connection options match the most different installation environments with utmost flexibility. Anti-corrosion surface coating compliant to corrosion class C4 and ISO 12944-5 ensures ultimate housing protection. Other components such as PG gland, connector outlets and screws are also corrosion-proof or made in stainless steel. The service life of optional hybrid bearings improves by 40% versus conventional steel bearings under the same conditions. Function monitoring EMS (Enhanced Monitoring System) is also integrated as an option.

HOG 86 M with redundant signal acquisition provides even more reliable signal transmission. It is the first-choice product for safety-relevant applications.  Two galvanically isolated systems acquire position and speed in a redundant manner and will deliver the signals at two signal outputs independent from each other. 

Last but not least, encoder variants HOG 86 + FSL and HOG 86 M + FSL allow for speed monitoring that is energy self-sufficient. The integrated centrifugal switch ensures all-mechanical speed monitoring. Trigger speed can be freely selected and  is configured as default which will eliminate a potential error source during installation.

Where required, all HOG86 product variants come with support plate in the position defined by the customer  when placing the order – saving one more step in encoder installation.  The HOG 86 encoder family – the  new standard – is efficiency at its purest.

Learn more: www.baumer.com/HOG86E