Sensores indutivos Fator 1 para todos os metais – Distâncias máximas de medição e alta velocidade

terça, 26. novembro 2013
Baumer Factor 1 sensors

Baumer Factor 1 sensors are available in four different sizes

Identical sensing distance for all metals. With the new Factor 1 inductive sensors, Baumer offers a new sensor series that works with exceptional reliability, even at large sensing distances and high speeds.

Factor 1 sensors offer the great advantage of maintaining the same sensing distance for all metals. By contrast, with standard sensors this value changes, depending on the type of metal. This in turn simplifies adjustment and minimizes the risk of damage. The benefits are obvious: This uniform distance increases flexibility in system construction and sensor installation. Factor 1 sensors are therefore perfectly suited to applications with variable objects. Baumer offers these inductive sensors in four cylindrical sizes: 6, 8, 12 and 18 mm.

Furthermore, these sensors have a very high switching speed – from 0.5 to 3 kHz. They operate without error, even at the highest speeds and large sensing distances. The sensing distance to speed relationship of Factor 1 sensors is the fastest in their class. Their exceptional sensing latitude is also of fundamental importance. It guarantees perfect measurement results, even if lateral movement of the object changes the distance between object and sensor. In addition, high EMC immunity and the small number of components ensure stable processes and even greater reliability. Another plus: High temperature resistance. It also documents the extensive range of possible applications for Baumer Factor 1 sensors in, for example, handling, mechanical engineering or lightweight construction.