Function in focus: HeavyDuty encoder HOG 86E

quinta, 11. dezembro 2014

HOG 86 E – function at its purest

New HeavyDuty encoder HOG 86E by the encoder expert Baumer is reduced to the max: Anti-corrosion aluminium alloy and function at its purest. To the user, this means cost reduction by forgoing any top coat while lead times reduce in parallel thanks to less HOG 86E product variety: The HeavyDuty encoder is available within 48 hours.

Costs are eliminated where protective coating is not required. The bare aluminium housing of HOG 86 E is especially designed for generator and engine manucaturers or  users who do not need coated components respectively prefer arranging for priming or top-coating themselves. 

The encoder will master all the facets of HeavyDuty performance. The massive housing with more than 10mm wall thickness protects the electronics gainst high mechanical loads. The two-sided, generously spaced bearing assembly compensates high radial and axial shaft loads up to 450 and 350 N. Isolated bearings safely protect the encoder against induced shaft currents. Breakdown voltage is 2.8 kV.

While the encoder remains open during installation, the additional encapsulation will protect both sensing unit and electronics against harmful ambient impacts. Special housing and shaft seals ensure long-term IP 66 protection against ingress of substances such as dust, dirt, or liquids.

The optical sensing principle with up to 2500 pulses per revolution is insensitive to magnetic impacts. The technology is based on a high-integration OptoASIC ensuring consistently high signal quality and unambiguous measured results even under most adverse conditions and at temperature fluctuations.