Robust encoders for absolute reliability

quarta, 14. outubro 2015

MAGRES BMMV 58 – robust encoders with all-magnetic multiturn sensing technology

Position feedback at digital shaft copying systems

Typically high shaft loads and situation-induced axial impact or overloads in shaft copying systems present a real challenge to encoders. The multiturn encoders of series MAGRES BMMV 58 CANopen or SSI with 6 or 10 mm solid shaft endure radial shaft loads up to 80 N and this way are first choice in all present-day digital floor selector applications.

These encoders with robust magnetic sensing technology feature 18-bit multiturn resolution respectively 262.144 turns and are available with integrated CANopen or SSI interface. CANopen profile compliance to CiA DSP 417 Lift or CiA DSP 406 simplifies setup and in parallel keeps the configuration effort down to a minimum.
The ShaftLock bearing design proven in practice for more than 15 years and large high-quality ball bearings prevent the bearing pack from unwanted misalignment. The metal support between the bearings protects the sensing unit against impacts by axial shocks and loads and prevents expensive downtime and repair. High-end materials and precision mechanics reduce radial runout to a minimum throughout the entire product service life. The resilient, tin-plated steel housing is not only a protection against ambient conditions but at the same time a very efficient magnetic shield.
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