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Efficient, robust and precise: Modular incremental encoders for lift technology

OptoPulse incremental

The development of OptoPulse incremental encoders established new standards.

Baumer has set new benchmarks by their incremental encoder family OptoPulse, which is evidencing its benefits also in lift engineering.

OptoPulse EIL580-SC with 10 mm solid shaft and clamping flange is the product to choose for all tasks in shaft copying. The encoder provides up to 5000 ppr with TTL or HTL signal output. Capable of 80 N as maximum admissible radial shaft load, it is the ideal choice for all common guided and circumferential shaft copying systems. Encoder variants with end shaft or through hollow shaft enable particular easy and space-saving installation at the motor and deliver precise measuring results for speed and position feedback. Additional commutation signals are available as an option.

The thick-walled, die-cast aluminum housing protects the modular encoders against harsh industrial environments. The safe ShaftLock bearing design with two preloaded high-quality bearings prevents damage by excess axial shaft loads. Optical sensing technology ensures extremely high accuracy and signal quality, since the finely incremented code disc and ultra-precise mechanics ensure reliable measuring results without interpolation errors. Innovative technologies, lean production processes and the all-modular encoder platform lay the cornerstone for the attractive price-performance ratio and short lead times.

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