Novidades em produtos 2016 / 2017

Double down: new VeriSens vision sensors

The VeriSens models 510, 700 and 800 double the productivity of image-based quality inspection and, thanks to integrated Industrial Ethernet, provide the high degree of connectivity required by Industry 4.0 and IoT.

Robust strain probe DSRK - simplified installation and maximum longevity

The perfectly harmonized geometry of the sensing head with flat inlet and reliable clamping collar eliminates the risk of damage. Contrary to previous DSRH based on the Strain-Mate principle, new DSRK strain probe utilizes the technology of glued strain gauge.

Robust precision – The new series of magnetic absolute encoders

The new generation MAGRES EAM580 and EAM360 combines robustness with highest precision. Their maximum angular accuracy of  0.15° ensures absolute reliability and precise positioning.

Compact and cost-efficient Ethernet encoders

Ethernet encoder series EAL580 is not only focusing on compact and cost-efficient design but also on cutting-edge communication technologies.

AlphaProx for inductive indirect force measurement

Baumer offers the first teachable distance measuring standard inductive sensor for stable measurement of small changes in position on metal objects. Thanks to the high sensitivity and linearity, the sensors are an economical alternative to eddy current sensors.

LX VisualApplets cameras: FPGA image preprocessing made easy

Thanks to the integrated image preprocessing straight in the camera’s FGPA, the LX VisualApplets camera models increase throughput, simplify system design or lower system costs.

Height sensor PosCon HM

PosCon HM is a unique, compact measuring unit for the intelligent height measurement of objects with a resolution of up to 2 µm. PosCon HM provides direct evaluations for efficient check-and-sort and solves critical applications in testing and measuring technology.

CleverLevel series: New LBFS variants for even more flexibility

The compact level switch is now also available with cooling neck for high-temperature applications, as extended version for improved level detection in bulk media and with process connection compatible to US and Far East standards.

3D cameras for high-performance laser triangulation

The LX VisualApplets 3D cameras allow for precise and fast laser triangulation in the application. The amount of data is reduced straight in the camera to support a cost-effective system design.

Brought to a point – O300 laser sensors

Thanks to their small and very accurate 0.1 mm light beam, O300 laser sensors allow the reliable detection of tiny objects as well as of parts positioned close together. With a fast response time of < 0.1 ms and their high repeatability, the laser class 1 sensors fit perfectly to fast processes. 

New CleverLevel models LBFH and LBFI

The fill level switch features  two switching outputs, qTeach functionality and multi-color switching status indicator visibile through 360°. Like their successful predecessor models, they operate on the frequency sweep technology and therefore are ideal for use in both hygienic and industrial applications.

Absolute motor feedback encoders – perfected in precision

The absolute motor feedback encoders EFL580 BiSS C ensure excellent signal quality thanks to high-precision mechanics and optical sensing. For users, this means reliable products of superior quality at economic prices.

Baumer presents the new absolute benchmark in HeavyDuty encoders

The new absolute encoder series HMG 10 and PMG 10 merge in their revolutionary design the concept of bearings on both sides, high-precision sensing and the patented energy harvesting technology MicroGen.

Encoder with speed switch for energy-self-sufficient overspeed acquisition

The HOG 86 family of incremental heavy duty encoders by Baumer offers the new version HOG 86+FSL with a mechanical centrifugal switch for applications that require highly reliable overspeed acquisition.

OptoPulse® EIL580 encoder family with new attachment forms

Baumer has extended the flexible and cost-effective OptoPulse® EIL580 encoder family and has presented additional variants with the attachment forms EURO flange B10 and square flange.

Temperature sensor TER8 – Measuring the right process temperature at the right spot

Temperature sensor TER8 is available in three product variants: for front-flush installation or with 20mm respectively 50 mm immersion sleeve. Each variant has all wetted parts fully made of PEEK.  The installation concept forgoes on any elastomers and is yet 3A and EHEDG compliant.

GIM500R – Compact inclination sensors

Thanks to their extremely robust and resilient design, the inclination sensors of the GIM500R series are ideal in any environment. In a saltwater-resistant aluminium housing and with fully encapsulated electronics they ensure operation safety with IP 69K rating.

PosCon CM - Measurement of round objects

PosCon CM light section sensor is the perfect solution for measuring center position, diameter as well as out positions of round objects with an outer diameter of 30 to 130 mm. The calibrated sensor requires neither a reflector nor external software. 

EX series – Baumer quality at excellent prices

The new industrial cameras of the Baumer EX series focus on essential standard-compliant basic functions and therefore are ideal for varied typical machine vision applications.

Robust cable transducers – linear position sensing made easy

New series GCA5 offers a reliable and cost-efficient way to measure linear motion within a path from
 0.5 to 50 m. The new line of cable transducers is ideally suited for use at mobile machinery in cramped
installation conditions.

CX-series – Cameras with the latest CMOS sensor generation

USB 3.0 cameras of the CX series combine latest CMOS sensors Sony® Pregius™ and ON Semiconductor® PYTHON with extensive functionality for realizing future-oriented applications.

LX Series: New Camera Link® models for improved system performance

Baumer adds to the LX series new camera models featuring Camera Link® interface. With frame rates up to 337 fps, they capture the finest detail in demanding inspection tasks even at high throughput.

Laser distance sensor MESAX 70 multi-spot for glossy and very rough surfaces

The new multi-spot MESAX laser distance sensor is an innovative and compact sensor for measurement of demanding surfaces. The factory-calibrated sensor requires no external software and is immediately ready-to-use.