Smart installation solution for ultra-flat capacitive sensor CFDK 25

Thanks to an innovative mounting frame, CFDK 25 capacitive sensors can be installed in many different ways and still remain mobile. Only the frame is fastened; the sensor can be integrated without any tools.

Benefits of fast installation of sensors in the frame:

  • The sensors can easily be installed after pre-assembly of the frame
  • Depending on the medium sensors with different sensing distances can be exchanged easily
  • Mobile containers equipped with the mounting frame can be replaced quickly
  • Easy cascading for several switching points
  • Video
    • Installation options and many different applications demonstrated in the video
    Flexible installation
    • Easy and versatile installation in 2 steps (snap-in/snap-out)

      1.) Fasten frame

      The frame can be fastened versatilely, e.g. with countersunk screws, cable ties or with Velcro strips.

      2.) Snap in sensor

      Simply insert the sensor into the frame and snap it into place.


      The sensor can be snapped into or out of the pre-assembled frame without any tools.

    Mounting methods
    • Flush with countersunk screws

      With cable ties

      With Velcro

      Cascaded installation

      With glue or adhesive pads

    Sensor CFDK 25

    The right choice for reliable object and level detection in cramped spaces. The sensor features a very flat housing with a height of only 6 mm and many different installation options. It can be shielded mounted and as a result requires very little space. It detects fluids through non-conductive container walls.

    To facilitate integration of the capacitive sensor in machines and plants, Baumer offers an innovative mounting frame suitable for the sensor. The sensor is attached using this frame which can be fastened not only with screws but also with cable ties, Velcro or glue. The sensor can easily be detached from the mounting frame and reinserted without any tools (snap-out/snap-in).

    Diverse preset sensing distances from 2 to 15 mm dispense with the need for a potentiometer and make the CFDK 25 a plug-and-play solution. To guarantee a long product lifetime even in demanding environments, the housing of the capacitive sensor is made of robust plastic polyamide 12.

    To the technical product data in the productfinder

    • Installation kit for CFDK 25
      • Mounting frame HC25-1 incl. adhesive pads, cable ties, spacing tappets; Velcro available separately
      Velcro cut to length
      • BX 20-360-1 Velcro length 360 mm
      • BX 20-1200-1 Velcro length 1200 mm
      • BX 20-2000-1 Velcro length 2000 mm
      • BX 20-4000-1 Velcro length 4000 mm