"The intelligent use of sensors and encoders increases availability and efficiency."

The cost of energy is the main focus in the wind power industry. Supreme robustness, low maintenance requirements, easy handling, self-diagnosis and redundancy are the functions we employ to meet this challenge.

Wind turbines are exposed to constantly fluctuating, extreme ambient conditions throughout the required 20-year lifetime. The components used must withstand salt water, extreme temperatures, dirt and oil while fulfilling their function reliably. As a one-stop supplier and longstanding provider in the wind power industry, Baumer knows the needs of its partners and offers a wide portfolio of sensor solutions optimally tailored to these special requirements. Through the continuous development of innovations, Baumer repeatedly sets new standards to increase its customers' and its own technological and business success.

Baumer offers a suitable solution for every wind turbine concept (with gears or direct drive).

  • Applications
    • Developed and perfected rotor blade positioning (Pitch)

      Position feedback of slip ring and rotary limit switches

      Pitch and azimuth feedback

      Reliable and cost-effective speed feedback

      Monitoring of locking cylinders and stop positions of hydraulic pitch systems

      Enhanced efficiency and safety by air gap monitoring

      Quick and reliable strain measurement for improved operational safety and maximum yield by making the best possible use of the wind

    • Nancelle positioning

      Generator speed

      Rotor speed monitoring at large hollow shafts

      Enhanced process reliability by liquid level and leakage sensing

      Cost-efficient and dependable blade monitoring

      Efficient brake maintenance thanks to continuous, dependable

      Precise acquisition of pressure and temperature in gearing and hydraulic components