"High tech on rails"

Without reliable sensors no wheel would turn on the railroad in the 21st century. The list of sensors used for safer, faster and more convenient rail traffic is very, very long today. And Baumer offers a whole range of products for this purpose – developed on the basis of its many years of experience as a partner of the rail industry.

In the drive system and undercarriage bogie, sensors pick up the rotational speed of the engine, gear and wheel axes and measure the pressure in the brake system. Ultrasonic sensors reliably detect the distance to the track for ideal footboard extension. Inductive sensors signalize end positions, e.g. at the boarding aids and at the window locking devices. In the coupling systems hydraulic as well as pneumatic pressures are measured and coupling operations are monitored. Of course the air conditioning systems need sensors and display instruments, too. In addition, all relevant measuring values must be visualized in the driver's cab.

  • Applications

    Baumer is not only a sensor specialist when it comes to new rail constructions, but also provides state-of-the-art technology employed in the repair or modernization of often long-lived rail cars.