Windows and doors

Only a very narrow gap between platform edge and railway car allows for comfortable and safe boarding of a train. Baumer ultrasonic sensors reliably detect the distance to the platform for ideal footboard extension. Add to this, inductive sensors easily and unerringly acquire the footboard's maximum extension limit and monitor the window locking device.

  • Applications
    • Footboard extension and retraction control (UNAM)

      • Resistant against soiling and unaffected by ambient light
      • Large sensing range up to 2000 mm
      • Constant resolution over the entire sensing range
      • M18 variant in robust stainless steel housing 1.4435
      • Specific protection against chemicals

      Position control of doors, footboards and windows (IFRR)

      • V4A stainless steel housing with IP 69K protection
      • Reliable thanks to high shock and vibration resistance (DIN EN 61373, cat. 3)
      • Unique impermeability concept proTect+
      • High switching distance of up to 12 mm
    • Position detection at doors, footboards and windows (IFRM)

      • Robust and absolutely reliable (MTTF > 100 years)
      • Very high switching and repeat accuracy
      • Configurations with max. 20 mm switching distance
      • Cylindric and rectangular designs