Professional training at Baumer

What does Baumer actually do?

At Baumer, everything revolves around the many different kinds of sensors and industrial cameras, and the associated technology. We meet sensors almost everywhere in daily life, but usually we do not see the small hi-tech products at all at first glance. For example, Baumer sensors help to make sure that bottles for drinks are properly filled, or ensure that the straw is stuck in the right place. In trains, our shaft encoders make sure that the wheels of the locomotive do not spin when it brakes or starts up. With our manometers we monitor the hydraulics of excavators, cranes or fork lift trucks.

What we offer – your perspective

  • well-grounded training as the basis for a promising start to your career
  • professional support from qualified trainers
  • choice of practical training placements
  • option of being employed by Baumer after your training
  • exchange in project weeks
  • training in social competence (e.g. in apprentices' camps)
  • creation of the basis for further education and training (e.g. advanced technical college)

Your training at Baumer

For us training qualified and competent young people is one of the most important investments in the future. This is why we train open-minded and enthusiastic young people in Switzerland and Germany every year in the following areas from:

  • Commercial professions

    • Office management assistant
    • Office communications assistant
    • Wholesale merchant
    • Industrial business management assistant
    • Management assistant in computer science
    • BA in Business Administration
  • Technical professions

    • Electronics technician
    • Mechatronics technician
    • Draftsman/draftswoman
    • Machining mechanic
    • Industrial mechanic
    • Process engineer