"Failure-free. Reliable. Efficient. At all times, please!"

Rising energy costs, expensive CO2 certificates – the steel industry is under pressure. Yet, a national economy without one is unimaginable. Finer and finer production processes, better materials and test engineering, exact compliance with standards and specifications are the only logical consequence to ensure the continuing success of this industry. And we at Baumer want to contribute to this,

for example with especially robust heavy-duty encoders or with reliable centrifugal switches for cranes, and with sensors that test material or surfaces durably and precisely or with accurate sensors – for instance in object identification for edge detection or for belt breakage detection. We supply technologies that reduce downtimes, increase reliability and optimize efficiency on a whole.

At Baumer you always have a specialist as your contact who knows the special requirements of the industry and can provide competent advice. Please feel free to contact us.

Here are some application examples for the steel industry:

Robust heavy-duty encoders for speed measurement
Cold and hot rolling mills are an integral part of every steel mill. Extreme dust loading, heat and mechanical stress are commonplace here. Unexpected stoppage of such a mill incurs enormous costs. Baumer heavy-duty incremental encoders ensure that the continuous rolling process can be performed reliably.

Cranes in steel mills – safety first
The demand for safety and a high level of availability is core issue when it comes to cranes in steel mills. Baumer encoder combinations with centrifugal switches prevent uncontrolled unwinding of the winch to protect the steelworkers. Reliable positioning of cranes over their entire life cycle avoids stoppages and saves costs.

Fully automatic systems always under control
Steel mills are always in motion. No matter whether the job calls for device positioning or speed measurement, Baumer has the right solution for every requirement. Absolute encoders with modern field bus interfaces guarantee fast and reliable transmission.

Reliable surface treatment
Galvanizing, etching or coating processes for steel products require process instruments that monitor temperature and pressure. Available in mechanical or electronic versions, Baumer sensors are precise and durable and feature optimum readability.

Object identification and positioning in steel mills
The positioning of steel products, e.g. edge detection or belt breakage detection, requires photoelectric sensors which deliver fast and precise results. Compact cable-pull encoders are used for linear path measurement.

Portfolio overview

    • Heavy-duty incremental encoders
    • Heavy-duty absolute encoders
    • Heavy-duty encoder combinations
    • Industrial encoders with field bus
    • Cable pulls


    • MEX 5, TED, FlexTop, ETTN
    • ZADM 023, OADM 250, FHDK 14