The world's most rugged and flexible hollow shaft encoder

Highlights & Benefits


  • IP 67 robust package
  • ≤ 60 arcsec accuracy
  • 200 g's shock withstanding
  • -40 °F to +212 °F standard operating temperature
  • User configurable design – fully programmable
  • Programmable encoder versions available from stock
  • Enhanced Monitoring System (EMS)


  • Increased reliability
  • Precise closed loop speed control
  • Reduces inventory – only 1 part number required (programmable HS35P)
  • Warranty 3 years
  • Utmost safety and system availability

Overvoltage, reverse voltage and short-circuit proof

The electronics are safely protected against all kind of connecting errors which can occur during installation.

Wide temperature range

Reliable and precise output signals at all temperatures from -40 °F to +212 °F.

High-precision optical scanning

The position accuracy is 60 arcsec or better – not arcmin! This is approxi­mately 10 times better than competition and significantly enhances usability.

Surface coating

A durable powder coating on the bearing housing and cover effectively protects against corrosion, even after long term operation in harsh environments.

Shaftlock system

The large diameter between the smooth running ABEC 5 bearings, combined with a precision steel spacer ring, makes this setup well suited for highest mechanical loads. This enables precise concentricity over the temperature range.

Rugged HeavyDuty mechanics

The Baumer HS35 is designed with heavy duty castings and optimum wall structures for maximum durability and stiffness. This design is capable of operation in all environmental conditions and shocks up to 200 g.

Shaft inserts

Adjust the shaft diameter to your exact needs – by using exchangeable and high quality shaft insert adaptors.


Drop in replacement of competitive models

Programmable resolution, index and outputs match any competitor in marketplace.

Durable IP 67 protection

Optimized package incorporating specialized dual seals and lubricants ensuring lifetime protection in all environments.

Safe shaft current prevention

Extremely robust reinforced shaft inserts provide electrical isolation against shaft currents for voltages up to 2.5 kV and reliably prevent bearing corrosion and wear.

Enhanced Monitoring System

integrated monitoring functionality LED activity indicator to permanently visualize the encoder's operational ability Immediate operation feedback upon commissioningAlarm output for error message in the event of failureUtmost safety and system availability – at all times and everywhere.