"High tech and hygiene"

Hygienic safety and optimized production, processing, storage, filling and bottling processes: food and beverage production is a very complex matter. And with our unique and extremely wide portfolio, we are optimally prepared for this tricky process. In the long food processing chain from raw material to the retail market, Baumer sensors provide valuable support in many places.

For example, Baumer refined the principle of frequency deviation technology for level measuring. The functional principle here exploits the fact that every material, regardless of its consistency, has a a particular permeability for electrical fields, so it is possible to distinguish media reliably and replace the vibrating fork principle which is more susceptible to errors.

The list of possible applications is long: Baumer sensors perform pressure, temperature and level measurement tasks during food processing with great precision. Baumer offers reliable aids for food packaging, filling or storage as well as for quality control.

  • Applications
    Guidelines and standards

    Production processes in the food industry are subject to many guidelines and standards for a very good reason: consumer health must not be jeopardized. For Baumer these requirements are virtually law. All sensor products for food and beverage production were developed in accordance with established guidelines. With regard to hygienic design, this means all products feature smooth, continuous or sealed surfaces, corrosion-resistant materials as well as flush and hygienic connections. This minimizes the risk of infection, contagion or injury which can emanate from foods. Just to make sure.