The world’s fastest ultrasonic sensor for highly transparent objects

Friday, 15. July 2011
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With a response time of merely 1.3 ms, the new ultrasonic sensor UNAM 12 is the world’s fastest and comes very close to a photoelectric sensor. Twenty times faster than conventional ultrasonic sensors it is destined for highly dynamic processes. This, and the additional ability to detect very closely placed objects, leads to a considerable increase in efficiency.

UNAM 12 detects ultra-transparent packaging materials such as foils or bottles as well as wafers and glass in order to ensure a smooth process flow. To do so with maximum reliability, the ultrasonic sensing principle guarantees impeccable operation regardless of the degree of soiling. Beyond that, the sensor versions with a special beam columnator come with a very narrow sonic beam and, therefore, are able to reliably identify individual objects with even the smallest separation distances. The narrow sonic beam also allows for the sensor to be mounted behind a protective wall and detect objects through narrow gaps in the wall. Thanks to the lateral accuracy of 0.5 mm, the sensor also is extremely precise.