Pressure – Process Chemical Seals for High Temperatures

Tuesday, 31. March 2009
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  • For high-temperature applications up to 400°C
  • Housing made of forged stainless steel
  • Suitable for the chemical and petrochemical industry
  • Available with various types of ISO- and ANSI-compliant flanges

The process chemical seals D900 series offered by Baumer (product segment Process Instrumentation) are suitable for high temperature applications up to 400°C. They have been developed especially for the chemical and petrochemical industry in order to protect pressure transmitters against aggressive media. The devices are available with various types of ISO- and ANSI-compliant flanges.

Chemical seals are used for pressure, level or flow measuring in order to protect the measuring devices against high temperatures and aggressive or dangerous media. They separate the medium from the measuring device and transfer the process pressure via a diaphragm and a filling liquid to the measuring device. The D900 series of process chemical seals are suitable for measuring the absolute, gauge or differential pressure on viscous or corrosive media at process temperatures ranges between -40°C and +400°C.The devices are designed for a pressure range from 10 mbar (gauge and differential pressure) respectively 50 mbar (absolute pressure) to a maximum of 100 bar.

The housing is made of forged stainless steel and – depending on the version – the diaphragm is made of stainless steel, Hastelloy, Uranus or Tantalum. For applications with hydrogen sulphide, an optional diaphragm coating of gold is available. The capillary is also made of stainless steel protected by a white polyethylene coating. D900 chemical seals are available with various ISO- and ANSI-compliant flange types and with different sealing surfaces and finishes. The chemical seals can be fitted with the Baumer pressure transmitters FlexBar 3501, EDD575 and numerous other devices.