Monitoring without a “flurry of flashlights” – VeriSens® vision sensors now available with integrated infrared illumination

Tuesday, 22. May 2012

Baumer VeriSens® vision sensors now features versions with integrated (near-) infrared illumination.

Reliable image processing technology in modern production lines is essential nowadays when it comes to performing economical quality inspections of products or semi-finished products, including for example, completeness, presence, imprint quality and content checks, or reading 1D and 2D codes. VeriSens® vision sensors from Baumer successfully balance between a wide-range of functions and ease of use at the same time. Particularly many new users are pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to set up image-based object checking according to user needs.

To meet industrial requirements optimally, the most popular products of Baumer ID, CD and XF Series vision sensors now features versions with integrated (near-) infrared illumination – with a wavelength which is invisible to human beings. As a result, production staff or machine operators in the production lines are no longer disturbed by the typical "flashing" of the illumination during a visual inspection. An integrated daylight filter ensures reliable application regardless of the ambient light.

VeriSens® vision sensors are integrated in a metal housing suitable for industrial applications and equipped with IP 67 protection and achieve high cycle times with up to 3,000 evaluations per minute. Standardized, intuitive operating software and easy integration of the VeriSens® series enable flexible use with varying requirements and applications.

Baumer at Automatica 2012: Hall B1, Booth 101