O500: New performance category of optical sensor technology combines convenience and reliability

Thursday, 25. October 2012

With the new O500 series, Baumer is launching a new performance category of optical sensor technology.

Baumer opens a new chapter in optical sensor technology: performance, convenience and reliability are the hallmarks of the new O500 series. At SPS/IPC/DRIVES Baumer is launching a new performance category of optical sensors with three sensor types:  a diffuse sensor with background suppression, SmartReflect – the light barrier without a reflector and a retro-reflective sensor also for reflective surfaces.

During the development of the O500 series, Baumer focused on optimizing total overall costs without compromising on performance, reliability or convenience. One result of this includes the OneBox design:  the sensors feature the same compact dimensions, through holes and control elements for all sensor principles and technologies within the series. The same applies to "qTarget", whose light beam is aligned to the fixing holes by design, thus minimizing adjustment operations. Both provide flexibility to machine and construction companies because the sensor principle and light source can be specified at a later point in time. In addition to that, as measured by their dimensions O500 series sensors have the largest sensing distances and ranges, so they allow for even more freedom in the selection and placement of the sensor.

What's more, Baumer is introducing a new, easy-to-use, wear-free teach process called qTeach. The O500 sensors can be taught-in just by touching them with any ferromagnetic tool, e.g. a screwdriver. A blue LED guides you through the easy teach procedure.

Combined with the precision and reliability of Baumer sensors, the O500 series sets new benchmarks, for example in objection identification and positioning in the packaging industry, handling or automation.

Baumer at SPS/IPC/DRIVES: Hall 4A, Booth: 335

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