Defying salty air, chemicals and aggressive agents – Large selection of robust stainless steel encoders

Tuesday, 3. May 2011
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  • Resilient stainless steel cases
  • Ultimate protection levels up to IP69K
  • Corrosiveness categories C3, C4 and C5-M compliant to ISO 12944-2
  • Incremental and absolute encoders
  • Every fieldbus and Ethernet interface
  • Optionally with ATEX approval

Sensor products deployed in harsh environments demand specific housing and sealing techniques as protection against the prevailing adverse conditions. Typical application examples can be found in the chemicals industry, offshore, in container ship loading facilities and in bottling processes in the food and beverage industry. The encoders installed must withstand salty air, aggressive media and lubricants, oils and cleaning agents. Baumer is presenting a wide range of stainless steel encoder designs that meet all these demanding requirements.

The all-encompassing Baumer encoder portfolio comprises incremental and absolute encoders that come in a robust stainless steel housing and are specifically conceived for operation under extreme ambient conditions. The compact encoders are available with all common housings, as solid or hollow shaft designs and provide IP68 and 69K protection. For demanding applications in potentially explosive atmospheres there are ATEX-certified variants. Thanks to the interface versatility the encoders offer the highest degree of flexibility for easy integration into superordinate automation systems. The customer can make a choice between SSI, fieldbus and Ethernet interfaces such as CANopen, DeviceNet, EtherCAT, EtherNet/IP, SAEJ1939, Profibus, PROFINET or POWERLINK.

A highlight in the stainless steel encoder range is the absolute multiturn encoder series "MAGRES hermetic" with fully hermetically encapsulated electronics and sensing. Absolutely impermeable to fluids, the encoders provide IP68 and IP69K protection. The absolute encoder GE404 with optical sensing comes in an extremely robust V4-A stainless steel design compliant to class 1.4404 or 1.4435. The Viton seals are ultra-resistant against chemicals and high temperature. Thanks to the optical sensing technique they operate on, the encoders feature a high 14-bit singleturn and 12-bit multiturn resolution for ultra-precise position feedback even at the maximum speed of 10,000 rpm. Incremental signal tracks are available as an option for simultaneous detection of rotational speed and velocity. Last but not least, the multiturn encoder series GEMMH excel with the modular bus cover concept. The modular bus cover hosting the required fieldbus electronics, for example CANopen, DeviceNet or Profibus interface, is simply docked onto the basic encoder model.