Three sensor principles in one series: O500 offers a wide range of photoelectric sensors

Monday, 10. December 2012

The diffuse sensor with background suppression from the Baumer O500 series is ideally suited for object detection and positioning in automatic handling and assembly machines.

The new O500 series from Baumer is starting off with three optical sensor principles. So Baumer now offers a wide range of photoelectric sensors for numerous applications.

The O500 series also includes its award-winning SmartReflect light barrier without a reflector. The physical interruption of the light beam by an object - the most reliable means of object detection – has been developed even further by the Baumer SmartReflect principle: The light barrier does not require an additional reflector. The light beam is set up between the sensor and a machine part, for example. An object interrupts the light beam and triggers the sensor. In this way the separate reflector becomes superfluous and a potential weak point is eliminated. 

The diffuse sensor with background suppression also featured in the O500 series is extremely color-independent and completely reliable. It is equipped with newly developed Aline technology, a powerful CMOS Opto ASIC, which provides for fast and temperature-stable sensors with high ambient light immunity. 

The O500 series is rounded off by a retro-reflective sensor which can also be used for reflective surfaces, for example. With consistently high excess gain in typical applications up to 2 meters, it is ideally suited for use under difficult conditions.

Regardless of the sensor principle, all models feature the same compact housing design and innovative functions which make the O500 series a convenient and safe sensor solution: That includes "qTarget", i.e. the light beam is aligned with consistent accuracy throughout the entire sensor series. The sensors are also equipped with "qTeach", the new wear-free teach procedure. The O500 sensors can be taught-in just by touching them with any ferromagnetic tool, e.g. a screwdriver.