Wednesday, 15. October 2014

VisiLine cameras with USB 3.0 interface

Cameras of the successful Baumer VisiLine series now come with USB 3.0 interface. Available in October, first models with high-performance SONY CCD...

Tuesday, 14. October 2014

Baumer acceleration sensor: safety with certificate

SIL2/PLd-certified acceleration sensor GAM900S by Baumer was particularly developed to detect and monitor vibration and shock at wind power stations....

Tuesday, 23. September 2014

Cold Movement Detector for ETCS Baseline 3

The Baumer BCMD is the world’s first cold movement detector for ETCS Baseline 3 and other train control systems.  It opens a significant cost...

Wednesday, 23. July 2014

Bourdon by Baumer: Comeback relaunch in Southeast Asia

Baumer revives the "Original Bourdon" in Southeast Asia. Mechanical pressure gauges using cutting-edge Baumer technology are making a...

Tuesday, 1. July 2014

Edge sensor PosCon 3D - powerful, reliable, easy-to-operate

The innovative optical edge sensor PosCon 3D by Baumer is the most powerful in its class. It reliably will master tasks which used to be up to...

Thursday, 5. June 2014

CombiLyz: Conductivity and temperature at a glance

Baumer is expanding its CombiSeries to include a new conductivity sensor. CombiLyz is the name of the newest sensor, which was developed primarily...

Tuesday, 3. June 2014

Where space is tight: Speed and position feedback at shallow...

The new bearingless encoders MIR 10 by Baumer are the products to choose for position and speed feedback in limited installation space. Operating on...

Tuesday, 3. June 2014

Presskit for Automatica 2014

Latest product information from Baumer for download.Download ZIP-File: Presskit Baumer Packaging Components

Tuesday, 20. May 2014

Bourdon - The Original by Baumer: A historical innovation

While the wheel of innovation turns faster and faster in the process industry, a more than 160-year-old technology is still used for pressure...

Monday, 19. May 2014

Interview with Sascha Engel (Head of Sales & Marketing, Process...

"Bourdon" as a Baumer brand. What is behind this? Baumer acquired the Bourdon-Haenni company in 2005. The technology, product range and...