Inductive distance measuring sensors AlphaProx

Highly precise, efficient and robust sensors for process automation

Inductive sensors of the Baumer AlphaProx family are the perfect solution for reliable non-contact measurement of changes in the position of metal objects. Thanks to their high temperature stability in connection with large measuring distances, the high degree of consistency and their robustness, the sensors are ideally suited for measuring positions and angles, controlling and monitoring belt tension, controlling sag and measuring low-frequency vibrations.

The latest highlights of the AlphaProx family:

  • Long service life and protection against damage thanks to a 50% larger measuring range
  • No individual alignment necessary thanks to linearized characteristics and negligible deviations from sensor to sensor
  • AlphaProx high sensitivity sensors - the cost-effective, non-contact alternative to eddy current sensors and strain gauges
  • Compensation of installation tolerances and minimal set-up times thanks to the new 1-point teaching process
  • Portfolio
    • Sensors with linearized characteristic

      • Constant sensitivity over entire measuring range
      • Individually teachable measuring ranges for fast and easy installation
      • Extremely low deviation from sensor to sensor
      • Programmable digital output

      High sensitivity sensors 

      • Large signal changes  at smallest position changes
      • Individual teachable measuring range for fast and easy 
      • Cost-effective alternative to strain gauges  for of deflection and load measurement

      High-precision sensors

      • Very high resolution in the nanometer range
      • High temperature stability

      Hygienic and washdown-Design

      • FDA-compliant, Ecolab-tested
      • IP 69K
      • Long-term seal thanks to proTect+ impermeability concept


      Robust sensors

      • Robust stainless steel housing
      • IP 69K
      • Extremely robust and durable thanks to Baumer proTect
      • High signal quality in an extended temperature range

      Customized Sensors for low TCO

      • Individual output curves
      • Low-power variants
      • Sensors for safety applications
      • Special designs 
    • Miniature sensors and short designs

      • Completely integrated processing electronics
      • Easy installation in tight spaces 
      • Different rectangular (5x5, 8x4.7mm) and cylindrical designs (ø4, ø6.5, M8)
      • Short cylindrical designs with lengths up to 22mm


      Large measuring distances with small designs

      • Flush designs for cramped spaces 
      • Measuring distances up to 6 mm
      • Easy and safe installation

      Factor 1

      • 8 mm measuring range on aluminum and non-ferrous metals 
      • Solid M18 housing
      • Easy mounting and setup thanks to innovative teach concept

      Standard sensors

      • Dimensions from 4 to 30 mm for every requirement
      • Absolute distance measurement up to 16 mm
      • Completely integrated processing electronics

      Sensors for the ex-area (ATEX)

      • ATEX certified for explosive dusty atmospheres (2D zone 22)
      • Highest repeatability
      • Compact design


    Areas of application

    • Tape tension control and monitoring

      • High control quality at high frequencies possible
      • The sensor performs two functions: distance measurement (analog) and end position shut-off (digital)
      • Through teach-in the sensor measuring range can optimally be adapted to different roller diameters

      Vibration measurements on shafts and bearings

      • Bearing play or true running measurements
      • Measurement of distances to 1 μm
      • Mounting is possible even in extremely limited spaces (amplifier is integrated in the sensor)
      • Very rapid movements can be measured
      • Miniature sensors also available in a connector version

      Absolute distance and angular measurement

      • High reliability thanks to contact less measuring
      • Dirt-resistant measuring system
      • Measurement of linear and rotary movements possible
      • Compact sensor sizes allow mounting even in limited spaces
    Special features
    • Miniature housing

      Featuring a diameter of 4 mm, the IWRM 04 may be referred to as the smallest distance measuring inductive sensor with an integrated amplifier.

      Flexible thanks to teach-in

      Sensors with a teach-in input can optimally be adapted to the respective application conditions. Both the analog output and an additionally integrated switching output can be configured with the very easy teach-in routine.

      Temperature-stable at large measuring distances

      Baumer sensors feature high temperature stability at large measuring distances. Over 80% of all industrial applications are exposed to temperatures between +20 … +50° C. In the 0 … +60° C range, these sensors have a negligible temperature drift.

      Very high EMC

      Resistance to electromagnetic disturbances is an important factor when it comes to the practical use of sensors. The EMC limit values of Baumer sensors considerably exceed sensor standard specifications, guaranteeing very high operational safety.