Photoelectric distance-measuring sensors

For accurate and reliable regulation of complex processes

Many applications need a lot more information than just whether an object is present. Our sensors can provide precise measurements at high cycle times even with difficult surfaces. So distances, widths, heights, positions and diameters of objects can be measured with the utmost precision and high resolution.

  • Portfolio
    • PosCon 3D

      • Distance-independent measurement of object edge positions
      • Easy handling, no external software required
      • Width measurement independent of surface finish or color
      • Fast mounting and easy installation


      Miniature sensors

      • Smallest laser distance sensor
      • Measuring distance up to 120 mm
      • Maximum resolution at 2 μm

      Easy handling

      • Reliable measuring with average distances up to 1000 mm
      • High accuracy even at high measuring rates
      • Quick and convenient to set up


      For demanding measurements

      • High resolution even with large measuring distances up to 1000 mm
      • Adjustable measuring range

      ParCon/PosCon edge sensors

      • Detection of object widths and positions
      • Detects individual threads, entire panels of material and transparent foils
      • High measuring rate


    • Series 14

      • Point Source LED sensor for measuring distances up to 400 mm
      • Color-independent and not affected by soiling
      • IO-Link capable


      Optical sensor in washdown design 

      • Measuring sensor for average distances up to 600mm in washdown design
      • Protection class IP 69K


      Large measuring ranges from 4 m  

      • Measuring distances up to 13 m with high resolution
      • Most compact sensor of its class
      • Precise, reproducible measurements also under changing environmental conditions


      OADK 25

      • Measuring range up to 1000 mm allows use in various applications


    • CCD line sensor with integrated processing electronics in compact metal housing

      • ParCon measures web edges or object widths in the 24 mm range
      • PosCon measures web edges or object widths in the 30–350 mm range
      • High resolution (of up to 0.03 mm)

      Distance-measuring sensor with integrated processing electronics in highly compact metal housing

      • Distance measurement from 0.02 m to 1 m
      • Maximum resolution of 0.002 mm
      • Incredibly short response time of 0.9 ms.
      • Possible to optimize the resolution by limiting the measuring range
      • Precise distance measurement regardless of object’s color or surface