"Build a complete system with the right accessories"

A high-quality image processing system consists of more than just a camera:
cables, socket connectors, PCI interface cards, adapters, stands, lenses and lighting. But no matter how good the components are – if they are not perfectly tuned to each other, the entire image processing system is at risk.

Baumer can help you here and provide security. Because with us you are single-sourcing everything: fully tuned compatible hardware for each interface – already tested, established that it works then recommended to you.

With a camera or a vision sensor and its associated components from Baumer, you are building on the basis of many years of experience and on our professional support – for long-term stability and reliable image processing systems

Cables and plug connectors

Reliable cables are a must. Because every failure leads to machine downtime and quickly costs a lot of money. That is why we supply only high-quality and tested cables and plug connectors – for Ethernet, Camera Link® and FireWire – and also for use in difficult environments.

PCI Interface Cards

The PCI interface card ensures a reliable connection between the camera and the PC-based system. No matter what the architecture or what the interface – we have tested the cards and have the right interface card for you in our product portfolio.

Adapters and Stands

No two plant designs are the same, and components like cameras need to be able to be installed flexibly. So that you can integrate our cameras and VeriSens® models into your plant rapidly and reliably we offer you specially designed stands and adapters to provide a guaranteed stable fitted system.


The performance of an image processing solution will always also depend on the lenses which are used. Baumer therefore works together with competent partners in order to provide you with the top know-how to select the correct lens for your camera or VeriSens®in combination with the relevant application.


When using VeriSens®vision sensors with external lighting Baumer can supply you with all the important components from a single source including the right adapter cables – to ensure the system stability of your image processing solution.