NextGen: one design – two technologies for highest flexibility and top performance

Our innovation for maximum safety, comfort, and flexibility with minimum operating costs

NextGen is an innovative concept from Baumer for greater safety, convenience, and optimized total operating costs from planning to installation. Within NextGen, Baumer offers:

  • two housing sizes for different sensing distances within a unique OneBox-Design
  • two technologies (photoelectric and ultrasonic)
  • a wide range of different sensing principles (including SmartReflect™)
  • different light sources (LED, Baumer PinPoint and infrared)

With NextGen, you gain maximum flexibility. Whether the sensor measurement principle is light or ultrasonic - everything fits perfectly!

  • Video U500
  • Video O300
  • Your advantages
    • High level of planning flexibility with Baumer OneBox Design

      OneBox Design stands for a new Baumer housing design, which covers two technologies and a variety of sensor principles. Baumer NextGen sensors feature the same dimensions, through holes and control elements for all sensor principles and technologies within the series. You have the choice!

      Baumer qTeach™ – easy-to-operate, safe and wear-free

      With qTeach™ we are introducing a new, convenient and wear-free teach procedure by a touch with any ferromagnetic tool. The NextGen sensors have no moving parts and are completely wear-free. They also offer an increased excess gain for reliable operation under demanding conditions.


      Time and cost saving installation thanks to qTarget

      NextGen sensors allow a fast and easy installation without fine-tuning as well as a fast exchange. The Baumer design aligns the sensor’s light beam to the fixing holes. This will not only compensate tolerances between individual components but ensures consistent alignment accuracy within the complete sensor series.

    • O300 – the ONE in the INCH class

      This compact, one-inch dimension sensor is ideally suited for systems where space is at a premium.


      U500 – NextGen ultrasonic sensors

      Universally applicable and extremely resilient.


    • O500 –maximum security and comfort

      The O500 stands out in applications where extended range is required.


      NextGen with IO-Link – a powerful combination

      The intelligent sensors for fast format changes and automated processes.


    Sensor principles

    Choose the right technology for your application:

    Photoelectric sensor principles:

    • Diffuse sensors with background suppression for the precise detection of objects even with objects moving in the background.
    • Diffuse sensors with intensity difference for simple black-and-white differentiation.
    • Retro-reflective sensors allow the precise detection of objects through small openings and the smallest distances between the sensor and the reflector.
    • SmartReflect™ light barriers without reflectors the right solution even for challenging environments.


    NextGen-Ultrasonic sensor principles:

    • Distance measuring sensors for precise process control even in difficult environments and with uneven surfaces such as granulates
    • Proximity switches for reliable detection of an object within sensor's sensing distance independent of object's characteristics or color.
    • Retro-reflective sensors for reliable object detection with no blind region of sound absorbing objects and objects with extremely irregular surfaces


    Sensor principle and light source can also be specified at a later stage thanks to Baumer OneBox Design.



    Easy design-in with the aid of 3D models, with integrated optical axis.



    Wide portfolio of technologies, sensor principles and light sources.



    Fast installation thanks to qTarget with precisely aligned light beam and reliable commissioning with qTeach.


    Maximum operational stability through increased power reserves, i.a. thanks to Aline technology.



    Easy access to technical data and operating manuals on the internet via QR code.