"Then the quality is right!"

The ISL05x inductive conductivity sensor with internal temperature compensation enables precise and rapid measurements in many different applications in the pharmaceutical and food and beverage processing industry. Its reaction time is < 3 s and it is always excellent, even with very low conductivity and low levels of flow. It reliably prevents any traces being left of damaging CIP and SIP fluids, which in the worst case could get into the product.

The ISL05x is compactly packaged in stainless steel and PEEK. It has 3 A approval and can be installed in direct contact with materials in pipes of SD 40 and upwards. The sensor is also available in a high temperature version (–20 bis 130 °C) which is ideally suitable for SIP applications.

  • Portfolio
    • ISL 05x

      • Wtted parts in acid-proof, stainless stell and PEEK
      • Compact, fodd compatible, hygienic design
      • 3A approved / FDA and EHEDG compliant
    Special feature

    For direct on-site control the ISL has a built-in LCD Display, which shows both the conductivity (mS/cm), and the temperature (°C). It can be configured directly and without a computer.

    Areas of Application
    • Monitoring CIP and SIP processes
      • Monitoring salt concentration during cheese-making
        • Separating fluids
    Key features
      • Compact, suitable for foodstuffs, hygiene design
      • 3 A approved, matches FDA and EHEDG
      • process temperature -20 to 130 °C
      • Not sensitive to polarization, adhesion and solids.
        • LCD display for conductivity and temperature
        • 4 configurable measurement ranges