Product Innovations

CombiTemp TFR5 - indoor and outdoor temperature sensor

The sensor with stainless steel FlexHousing and PT 100 output is available for wall mount or clamp mount. It can be delivered with cable sensor or fixed sensor as well with or without display.

PosCon 3D – Edge measurement in a new dimension

The innovative edge sensor is the most powerful in its class and offers features that were previously only offered in complex laser measuring systems in combination with easy installation and operability.

MIL10 – non-contact distance measurement

Linear bearingless encoder MIL10 is ideal for linear acquisition of medium travel distance. Operating on the magnetic sensing method, the encoder is wearfree and provides resolutions up to 5 µm.

CombiTemp TCR6 - Standard RTD temperature sensor

The TCR6 is a standard industrial temperature sensor. Its robust design is even capable of HeavyDuty applications. 10 different types of threaded process connections are available.

U500 - NextGen sensors also in the ultrasonic technology now.

The new sensors are identical in design and size with their series O500 photoelectric sensors counterparts. The OneBox Design can accommodate every available sensor principle and offers the user maximum flexibility.

HOG 86 with fiber optic interface suitable for outdoor use

The new fiber optic interface of the HOG 86 L/ML enables use of protected cable for outdoor applications. The connection area is optimally protected against damage and environmental influences.

Factor 1 inductive sensors for all metals

Identical sensing distance for all metals. With the new Factor 1 inductive sensors, Baumer offers a new sensor series that works with exceptional reliability, even at large sensing distances and high speeds.

Compact process display for standard signals

PA200 is a user-configurable process display for standard signals in compact DIN design sized 48 mm x 24 mm. Characters of 10 mm in height make the display clear and particularly easy to read. The display capacity ranges from -1999 to 9999.

Miniaturized sensor for precise distance measurement

Inductive analog sensor IWFM 05U9701/S05 is the smallest rectangular sensor in the world and thanks to the ultra-compact design it can be installed even where space is a constraint.

Absolute encoders with analog interface

The MAGRES absolute encoders with analog interface are ideal for utility vehicles, cranes or industrial trucks by virtue of their easy integration and diagnostic capabilities.

VisiLine® - the new GigE camera series

Baumer is expanding its portfolio of powerful and reliable industrial cameras with the VisiLine® camera series. This new series includes CCD and CMOS sensors with resolutions up to 4 megapixels for up to 160 frames per second.

O500 – The new performance category in optical sensor technology

Baumer has created a new performance category in optical sensor technology through consistent innovation. She provides maximum safety and convenience and is the first series of Baumer NextGen sensors.

HOG 86 L - HeavyDuty encoders with fiber-optic interface

Fiber optic transmission is capable of up to 2200 m cable length. Absolute reliability and safe operation even in environments with high electromagnetic interference define these encoders as optimum solution for cranes and wind power stations.

Series 25 photoelectric sensors

With the new series, Baumer is enhancing its long-range product portfolio of digital sensors and is expanding the existing distance sensor product line to include a cost-saving sensor for midrange distances.

EEx OG 9 with IECEx certification

The EEx OG 9 was the first IECEx-certified explosion-proof encoder by Baumer, now making it available for use in all countries where this standard has been adopted.

GAM900S: SIL2-/PLd- certified acceleration sensor

Precise detection and safe monitoring of shocks and vibrations: GAM900S replaces conventional sensors and prevents damage or even destruction of the installation.

CombiLyz® AFI4 - Sensitivity and precision at their best

It reliably analyses your product quality, makes a distinction between media and monitors concentrations. Sustained cost optimization, particularly in the hygiene sector.

MX Board Level cameras with USB 3.0 and USB3 Vision™

The USB 3.0 Board Level cameras of the MX series with convenient Plug & Play functionality add on the series by CCD/CMOS sensors and resolutions up to 4 megapixels. All models are compliant to the latest USB3 Vision™ standard.

The new MAGRES 58 - one class better.

Proven in harsh environments and cramped spaces: The new generation of robust encoders with pure magnetic scanning has been completely revised and sets the standard once again.

OptoPulse EIL580 with tangential connection

The incremental encoders with tangential outlet are ideal for space-saving installation under the fan cover and also offer all the benefits of the sophisticated OptoPulse modular system.

VisiLine® IP – New GigE cameras with IP 65/67 protective housing

Baumer expands its GigE camera series VisiLine® with 10 water and dustproof IP 65/67 models. The cameras have CCD or CMOS sensors and are available with up to 4 megapixels. They achieve frame rates up to 160 fps.

IECEx Certification for EEx HOG 161

EEx HOG 161 is the new HeavyDuty incremental encoder in explosion-proof design. With IECEx certification in device category 2 G, it allows for deployment in all related countries.

Cable-pull encoders with analog interface

Cable-pull encoders with analog interface are optimally suited for utility vehicles and cranes to acquire outrigger positions or telescopic boom extension.

Corrosion-proof encoders

Absolute and incremental encoders GM400-C/401-C respectively GI355-C/356-C master easily demanding environments of corrosion category C4 and C5M, for example onshore crane installations or offshore wind power plants.

CleverLevel - the really clever alternative to vibrating forks

With the convenient, accurate, easy-to-use and maintenance-free LBFS and LFFS series CleverLevel switches by Baumer, a new age in level detection has begun. One sensor for all media.

SCATEC-2 Box – packaging conveyance without any gaps

The new SCATEC model is the reliable solution for individual package detection for gapless product conveyance. With SCATEC, product separation and readjustments are not necessary, saving time and money.

MHAD 50 – durable and space-saving

Wear-free, compact and robust: The bearingless absolute encoder with additional incremental signals can be mounted directly on shafts up to 42 mm in size and, with a mounting depth of only 20 mm, it can fit into any space.

VeriSens® XC – vision sensors with an integrated flash controller

The XC series vision sensors feature the world's first fully integrated flash controller and resolutions up to 2 megapixels. They can be easily integrated, allowing for flexible system solutions.

HXG industrial cameras – powerful CMOS sensors and Dual GigE

The HX series Dual GigE cameras by Baumer meet the increasing market demands for high-resolution cameras that guarantee superior image quality even at high speeds.

GAM900: shock and vibration detection

Acceleration sensor GAM900 offers maximum flexibility in configuration.

MIR10 – speed and position feedback at most shallow installation depth

Where space is tight: The new bearingless encoders in a robust metal housing are ideal for efficient position and speed feedback in limited installation space.

PBM4 - for hydraulic applications

The compact and robust pressure transmitter PBM4 even sovereignly performs in severe environments, restricted space conditions and in mobile hydraulics. Due to the welded thin-film measuring element the PBM4 is highly medium compatible.

OptoPulse EIL580P – versatile and programmable.

The programmable versions now offer even more flexibility and cost-effectiveness, with individual pulse ranges from 1…65536, a convenient zero pulse set function and electronic type plate.

HDmag flex – your encoder application all wrapped up

The revolutionary magnetic belt encoder HDmag flex is the technically and economically optimum solution for speed and position monitoring on the large shafts. It impresses with easy installation and unparalleled accuracy.

OptoPulse EIL580 with axial connection

Encoders in the OptoPulse EIL580 series with an axial outlet enable installation in cramped spaces. The connection is made through an M12 or M23 flange socket or an axial cable outlet.

O300 - the new performance category in optical sensor technology has been added

The compact sensor fits even into the tightest spots and provides an unparalleled performance level. O300 is the Baumer approach to the 1-inch dimension.

Ultrasonic sensor Series 70 with 6 meters sensing distance

Thanks to the 6-meter detection range, the particularly slender sonic cone and integrated temperature compensation, these ultrasonic sensors provide precise and reliable results even under adverse conditions.

PBMH autoclavable

The pressure transmitter can be sterilized and is especially designed for process monitoring in the pharmaceutical industry and medical technology. To have the sensors passed the sterilization process without any impairment, the electrical connection is sealed by a special protective cap ensuring full impermeability.

VeriSens® web interface - customizable and really easy-to-use

The new generation of the web interface can be set up with just a few clicks of the mouse. This customizable user interface makes visualizing and setting up the VeriSens® vision sensors incredibly intuitive.

OptoPulse EIL580 – the new benchmark for incremental encoders

Flexible, robust, precise and efficient – OptoPulse merges cutting-edge sensing technology with a particularly robust mechanical design and longstanding expertise to create extraordinary products excelling by outstanding reliability.

BPIV - safe and reliable detection of wheel center speed

The extremely robust encoder especially conceived for railed vehicles provides four redundant sensing systems with galvanic insulation. 8 channels serve for signal transmission to individual sub systems like ETCS.

CombiSeries™ - making temperature and pressure measurement safe and convenient

The CombiSeries TM series by Baumer are measurement instruments that offer safe and convenient monitoring of complex processes. The modular system is flexible and easy to use.

VeriSens® vision sensors with integrated infrared illumination

To meet industrial requirements optimally, Baumer ID, CS and XF model series vision sensors now feature integrated (near-) infrared illumination.

BMMS M75 MAGRES – cable-pull encoders for linear measurements up to 7.5 m

The new cable-pull encoder is the best choice for easy and reliable measurement of distances. CANopen makes it easy to use in commercial vehicles, but it is also available with SSI or an analog interface.

MXG Board Level camera for unlimited flexibility

An increasing number of applications are becoming progressively miniaturized and count on every millimeter of installation space available. The MX series Board Level cameras by Baumer are the solution for applications requiring highly flexible components.