Product Innovations 2014/2015

CombiLyz® AFI5 separated variant

The conductivity sensor is available with different cable lengths and for both wall and tube mount.


OR18 - precise detection of small objects

Robust, sealed and reliable – the new photoelectric M18 sensors allow cost-effective and reliable use in any industrial environments. 

GAM900S: SIL2-/PLd- certified acceleration sensor

Precise detection and safe monitoring of shocks and vibrations: GAM900S replaces conventional sensors and prevents damage or even destruction of the installation.

CombiLyz® AFI4 - Sensitivity and precision at their best

It reliably analyses your product quality, makes a distinction between media and monitors concentrations. Sustained cost optimization, particularly in the hygiene sector.

MX Board Level cameras with USB 3.0 and USB3 Vision™

The USB 3.0 Board Level cameras of the MX series with convenient Plug & Play functionality add on the series by CCD/CMOS sensors and resolutions up to 4 megapixels. All models are compliant to the latest USB3 Vision™ standard.

U500 - NextGen sensors also in the ultrasonic technology now.

The new sensors are identical in design and size with their series O500 photoelectric sensors counterparts. The OneBox Design can accommodate every available sensor principle and offers the user maximum flexibility.

OptoPulse® EIL580P - The versatile programmable encoder in 58mm design

The incremental encoders of the OptoPulse® EIL580P are based on a sophisticated building block system. Reducing inventory cost and shortening delivery time are two benefits of the programmable encoders and its multiple configuration options.

UR18 sensors – High functionality and easy handling

Whether object detection, exact acquisition of part location or level measuring, UR18 ultrasonic sensors reliably provide the information you want. Irrespective of color, shape or surface.

GAM900: shock and vibration detection

Acceleration sensor GAM900 offers maximum flexibility in configuration.

MIR10 – speed and position feedback at most shallow installation depth

Where space is tight: The new bearingless encoders in a robust metal housing are ideal for efficient position and speed feedback in limited installation space.

PBM4 - for hydraulic applications

The compact and robust pressure transmitter PBM4 even sovereignly performs in severe environments, restricted space conditions and in mobile hydraulics. Due to the welded thin-film measuring element the PBM4 is highly medium compatible.

Factor 1 inductive sensors for all metals

Identical sensing distance for all metals. With the new Factor 1 inductive sensors, Baumer offers a new sensor series that works with exceptional reliability, even at large sensing distances and high speeds.

HOG 86E – efficiency at its purest.

HOG 86E with a resolution up to 250 ppr is up to any demanding encoder requirement in terms of feature functionality and HeavyDuty capabilities. Coming in a corrosion-proof unpainted aluminium housing, it is ideal for customers who have their motors or generators painted with the encoder already installed.

CombiTemp TFR5 - indoor and outdoor temperature sensor

The sensor with stainless steel FlexHousing and PT 100 output is available for wall mount or clamp mount. It can be delivered with cable sensor or fixed sensor as well with or without display.

PosCon 3D – Edge measurement in a new dimension

The innovative edge sensor is the most powerful in its class and offers features that were previously only offered in complex laser measuring systems in combination with easy installation and operability.

MIL10 – non-contact distance measurement

Linear bearingless encoder MIL10 is ideal for linear acquisition of medium travel distance. Operating on the magnetic sensing method, the encoder is wearfree and provides resolutions up to 5 µm.

CombiTemp TCR6 - Standard RTD temperature sensor

The TCR6 is a standard industrial temperature sensor. Its robust design is even capable of HeavyDuty applications. 10 different types of threaded process connections are available.