HeavyDuty encoders with reserve capacity for extreme applications

Tough and precise.

For decades Baumer HeavyDuty encoders have offered unmatched reliability under the toughest application conditions. Whether in container crane systems, lifting bridges, steel mills or wind turbines - the HeavyDuty encoders are extremely robust, very durable, absolutely reliable and and fail-safe.

  • Portfolio
    • Incremental HeavyDuty encoders

      • Hollow shafts up to 150 mm in diameter
      • Redundant sensing optionally available
      • Powerful output drivers
      • Integrated function monitoring system EMS (Enhanced Monitoring System)


      HeavyDuty speed switches

      • Mechanical centrifugal switches or as electronic versions
      • Heavy-duty and fail-safe
      • Stand-alone device, integrated or as combination with encoder or tachogenerator


      HeavyDuty combinations

      • Two or more sensors with a common shaft
      • Many combination options
      • For high safety requirements

    • Absolute HeavyDuty encoders

      • Gear- and battery-less multiturn generator (microGen)
      • Redundant sensing optionally available
      • All common absolute interfaces


      HeavyDuty tachogenerators and resolvers

      • Maximum brush lifetime thanks to LongLife commutator
      • Operating temperature up to
        +130 °C
      • Very high accuracy throughout the entire speed range


      Ferraris acceleration sensors

      • Improved drive control dynamics and synchronization
      • Dynamic, low-noise acceleration signal
      • Compact and shock-resistant
    Special features
    • Extremely high failure safety and long lifetime
    • Proven HeavyDuty technology with reserve capacity
    • More than 50 years of experience as the global market leader (Hübner Berlin)
    • Perfect sinusoidal signal quality thanks to LowHarmonics®
    • Explosion protection for gas and dust environments as a standard feature for almost all devices
    • Special offshore versions
    • Protection for sea air and tropical environments optionally available
    • Twin encoders and sensor combinations for special tasks and safety functions
    Areas of application

    Precise speed and position monitoring under extreme ambient conditions

    • Steel industry
    • Cranes and lifting systems
    • Oil and gas
    • Mining industry
    • Heavy vehicles
    • Wind turbines 
    Key features
    • Extremely robust design
    • Solid aluminum or stainless steel housing
    • Extra large wall thickness
    • Double-sided bearing setup
    • HeavyDuty connection technology
    • Insulation for protection from shaft currents
    • Shaft encoders with EURO flange B10