HOG 86 - incremental HeavyDuty encoder with fiber-optic interface (FOI)

Safest and maximally available signal transmission.

The HeavyDuty encoder HOG 86 L with a fiber-optic interface (FOI) can complete any speed or angular position measurement task. Its optical signal transmission always functions perfectly even in EMC contaminated environments and over very large distances. It is the optimum solution for metal and steel processing plants, crane and lifting gear, wind energy plants or large-scale systems.

  • Portfolio
    • HOG 86 L

      • Easy sensing
      • Optical signal transmission
      • EMS optionally available
    • HOG 86 ML

      • Redundant sensing
      • Signals via HTL and/or TTL and fiber-optic interface
      • EMS redundant optionally available
    Maximum safety
    • Safest optical signal transmission
    • Completely insensitive to electromagnetic influences
    • Very large transmission distances up to 1500 m
    Reduction of downtimes
    • Maximum level of availability thanks to signal transmission by means of two fiber-optic interfaces (optional)
    • Immediate error detection through CRC testing and signaling via error output
    • Compatible with integrated function monitoring system EMS
    • Function remains guaranteed via the second interface in case one fiber-optic interface fails
    Double redundancy

    In the HOG 86 ML with a redundant signal output, signal transmission is simultaneously effected electrically by means of HTL and/or TTL and optically by means of a fiber-optic interface (FOI), optionally also redundantly by means of two fiber-optic interfaces. As a result, the speed and/or position can be transmitted simultaneously to two control systems, for example to a frequency converter nearby and to a control room further away.