HOG 86 – the incremental HeavyDuty encoder for the highest requirements

Tough and precise.

The HOG 86 series features a complete family of incremental HeavyDuty encoders for the highest requirements, which combines more than 50 years of experience in HeavyDuty applications and state-of-the-art technology into extremely robust products with very flexible selection and installation options.

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Drehbarer KlemmenkastenImmer auf der sicheren SeiteImmer auf der sicheren SeiteEMS6 Produktausführungen für den richtigen AnschlussFlexible MontageLeistungsstarke AusgangstreiberRobuste optische Abtastung3 Anbauvarianten/-möglichkeitenSicherer Schutz vor Wellenströmen und LagerschädenZweiseitige Lagerung mit großem LagerabstandRobustes, langlebiges HeavyDuty-Gehäusedesign

Swiveling terminal box

The especially robust and proven HeavyDuty design of terminal boxes and screw-type terminals make encoder connection fast, easy and safe – particularly in harsh environments.

Thanks to the screw-type terminals in the terminal box cover, the cable can be preassembled in advance and directly connected later as an assembly on site without any modifications. Just snap it on, tighten 2 screws and the perfect and permanently safe connection is done.

The flexibility of the 180° swiveling terminal box always allows optimum cable routing without bending the cable.

FOI connection

The fiber-optic interface connection is optimally suited for reliable signal transmission over distances of up to 1500 m and in severely EMC loaded environments.

Always on the safe side

With redundant signal acquisition, two signal outputs and the integrated function monitoring system EMS, the HOG 86 M is especially designed for reliable positioning and rotational speed measurement.


The integrated function monitoring system EMS (Enhanced Monitoring System) monitors all encoder functions continuously. The status is indicated directly on the device by LEDs. An alarm output transmits the encoder status to the control system.

The function monitoring system prevents downtimes and actively helps to avoid secondary damage.

6 product versions for the right connection

A direct cable outlet, a robust M23 flange socket and the 180° swiveling terminal box allow totally flexible encoder connection. A version with a fiber-optic output is also available.

Flexible installation

Four direct installation options each for the torque support at the front and back as well as 12 frontal installation variants for the support plate add up to 20 installation options for easy mounting in any position.

Powerful output drivers

The powerful output drivers provide an unrivaled signal quality with an excellent signal-to-noise margin and steep edges for cable lengths of up to 500 m (TTL) and/or 300 m (HTL). Signal processing and analysis can easily be carried out even at these distances without any further measures thanks to the excellent signal quality.

Robust optical sensing

Interference-free sensing with an opto ASIC provides high signal quality and precise measuring results even under harsh conditions and during severe temperature fluctuations.

3 mounting variants/options

Two diameters of the hollow shaft open on one side (12 and 16 mm) as well as an option for 1:10 conical shafts 17 mm in diameter always provide a mounting option.

Reliable protection from shaft currents and bearing damage

Inductive shaft currents are reliably prevented by separately installed bearings or by hybrid bearings for voltages up to 3 kV. Bearing damage caused by shaft currents is also prevented in this manner. The self-lubrication of the hybrid bearings guarantees a very long lifetime of up to 100,000 hours.

Double-sided bearing with large bearing clearance

The amply dimensioned bearing design with extra large ball bearings and large bearing clearance ensures high radial and axial shaft load as well as perfect true running characteristics. The high reserve bearing load promotes a long lifetime. The large bearing clearance provides for perfect true running and very high robustness. Short-term shaft overloads caused by knocks or shocks do not affect reliability.

Robust, durable HeavyDuty housing design

The incremental encoder HOG 86 is equipped with an extremely robust aluminum housing featuring IP 66 protection with long-term stability and a very thick wall of 10 or more millimeters. It provides optimum protection from damage caused by impacts and ensures reliable operation and a maximum lifetime. Additional protection is provided by the sea-water resistant housing paint finish according to corrosion class C4.

While the encoder is mounted, the double wall prevents penetration of dust and moisture and protects the electronic assembly from damage.

  • Portfolio
    • HOG 86

      • Connection via terminal boxes, radial flange socket or cable outlet
      • Powerful output drivers
      • EMS optionally available
    • HOG 86 M

      • Redundant sensing and signal transmission
      • Powerful output drivers
      • EMS redundant optionally available
    Further information
      • Thick wall
      • Double bearing with extra-large bearings and large bearing clearance
      • Long-term stability to IP 66, also at the shaft
      • Operating temperature from -40 to 100° C
      • Integrated function monitoring system EMS (Enhanced Monitoring System)
      • Many product versions and flexible installation options
      • Explosion protection according to II3G Ex nA T4 X (gas), II3D Ex tD IP66 A22 T135° C (dust)