Inclination sensors in robust industrial design

Every tilting securely under control. Angular measurement also in harsh environments.

Inclination sensors measure the tilt angle of machines and objects with respect to the horizontal position. As a type of electronic water level they are an outstanding alternative to the traditional angular measurement, especially if the rotary axis is inaccessible.

Baumer inclination sensors play a significant role in increasing safety, for example, for cranes. Their robust, IP 67 protected die-cast or stainless steel housings, make them especially suited for use in harsh environments.

  • Portfolio
    • Single-axis version

      • Measuring range of 360°
      • Resolution up to 0.1°
      • 60 mm design
    • Biaxial version

      • Measuring range of ±15°, ±30°, ±60°
      • Resolution up to 0.001°
      • 60 mm design
    Special features
    • Use at temperatures as low as -40 °C (with cable gland)
    • Programmable resolution and zero point setting in any installation position
    • Signal filtering and integrated diagnostics
    • Optional stainless steel type of housing
    Areas of application

    Easy and reliable angular measurement in

    • Construction equipment and agricultural machinery
    • Commercial vehicles
    • Crane and lifting technology
    • Forklift trucks
    • Solar plants
    • Automation technology
    Key features
    • Rugged, compact metal housing
    • Protection class up to IP67
    • M12 connection or user-configured cables
    • Field bus with loop-through capability
    • Power supply via bus cable or separately
    • Bus address can be easily set via rotary switch
    • DUO-LED status window
    Available interfaces
    • CANopen
    • Additional interfaces on request