Quality inspection without headaches

Smart sensor solutions for efficient 2D/3D parts inspection 

You want to improve your quality inspection activities without investing thousands of dollars or without having to worry? 

Then it’s time to check out the innovative solutions from Baumer:

  • MESAX® laser distance measurement sensors enable fast and precise non-contact measurements during the manufacturing process. The latest innovation MESAX® OM 70 multi-spot, is especially designed for extreme rough and shiny surfaces.
  • The innovative PosCon® light section sensors are smart profile sensors preconfigured for specific measurement tasks like gap, width, height or round objects. The sensors are immediately ready to use and can be easily parametrized without external software. 
  • VeriSens® Vision Sensors are a compact image processing system in the shape of a sensor. Image-based, up to 32 features can be checked concurrently, independent of their position. 

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