Mar 17, 2022

Health care with a fun factor

A healthy mind in a healthy body 

The High Tech Center Bodensee located in the City of Stockach is the centralized Baumer logistics hub for entire Europe. The ultramodern logistics center with robot-controlled Autostore technology became operational in 2019.

andling incoming and outgoing goods is daily business for the logistics team at Baumer in Stockach. Products must be stored on high shelves which sometimes requires quite physical effort, and there are many boxes to lift when preparing shipments.

"Some tasks mean the same movements over and over again. At some point, all becomes routine. But with routine sometimes comes pain. But the work must be done, there is no way out," explains one employee.

Baumer made a deep dive into the matter of health protection and preventive actions for employees together with a personal trainer. The first step was analyzing the body’s working position occupied during work. For doing so they took “action” photographs for later discussions among the team. "I was not at all aware of my body’s position at work," says a colleague, "Thanks to the tips and photographs, I now regularly remind myself to maintain a proper posture.”

Screenshot 2021-11-23 212113.jpg
The team gathered in the Baumer fitness studio to find out which exercises to use at work. The trainer paid attention to the exercises being properly executed and corrected where required. Based on the findings, every employee received an individually created training plan with exercises that can be easily performed without any equipment and  a lot of time. This way, besides the gained exercise knowledge, the participants improved the own awareness of health. Together as a team they now share another great experience: relaxed muscles and less pain.

Particularly remarkable is the lesson learned kept in mind after the courses: "When I feel the pain coming up I stop for a few minutes and stretch to relax the muscles. After that it’s already better. The trainer recommended a fascia roller to relax the aching areas. It's really surprising, the exercises are so simple and yet so helpful."

More offerings about health like "Jogging –  how to make it an easy run", "Back Fit" and "MobiStar - fascia training" will come up soon at the Stockach location
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