Apr 28, 2022

Girls' Day at Baumer

We at Baumer love forefront technologies and are eager and curious about latest market trends. The young talents were able to experience our enthusiasm live on this year's Girls' Day.

In running production, they supported our colleagues in varied tasks from product development and design on to series production. While soldering, gluing, adjusting and assembling the parts of our innovative sensors, each female student could make her own contribution to the finalized product. Because that's exactly how we live cooperation. Together as a team and in close exchange, we ensure that everyone can make the most of individual strengths and passion. In in the end, our high-quality products improve ever more thanks to the commitment of our employees. We enjoy working together, exchanging ideas and also enjoy celebrating success together.

Obviously fascinated by the open and relaxed way of teamwork, the young female students had a lot of fun. "It's true, technology is not just made for boys. Today I have met a lot of women  who all love their job and doing what they do – and this very well," says one girl. "I can only recommend every female student to go to Baumer for Girls' Day."

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