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Spindle position displays

Spindle position displays

N 150 / N 152

  • Absolute multiturn position encoder
  • LCD display for position indication and operator navigation
  • RS485 interface
  • Hollow shafts up to 25 mm
  • Manual or motor-driven format adjustment
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Set point displays

Set point displays

N 155

  • Remote display supporting the operator in manual shaft alignment operations
  • LCD display
  • RS485
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Gear motors

Gear motors

BG440 / BG650

  • Brushless DC motor with planetary gears
  • Integrated speed control
  • Nominal power output  20 W or 40 W
  • Directly connected to spindle position display N152
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Your benefits
  • Modular system architecture, the all-in-one system for many fields of application
  • No more referencing thanks to absolute multiturn position feedback
  • For shafts up to ø25 mm
  • Manual or motor-driven format adjustment


Quick, reliable and precise format adjustments in many industries, e.g.:

  • General mechanical machine and plant engineering
  • Special machine engineering
  • Packaging machines
  • Printing  and print finishing
  • Wood processing
  • Sheet metal, plastic, foils and transparencies

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