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2D cameras – 3D cameras – LXG cameras with JPEG image compression

2D cameras

LX VisualApplets cameras

  • 2 MP
  • ams (CMOSIS)
  • Up to 56 fps (338 fps VisualApplets)
  • Mono
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2D cameras – 3D cameras – LXG cameras with JPEG image compression

3D cameras

LX VisualApplets cameras

  • 2K line width
  • ams (CMOSIS)
  • 2.5 kHz at 128 lines
  • Mono
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2D cameras – 3D cameras – LXG cameras with JPEG image compression

LXG cameras with JPEG image compression

LX VisualApplets cameras

  • 25 MP
  • ON Semiconductor PYTHON
  • Up to 4 fps
  • Mono
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Video “Application-specific image processing”

The LX models with VisualApplets technology offer easy, application-specific image processing. This makes it possible to increase throughput, to simplify system design or to lower system costs.

Image processing is carried out directly in the camera FPGA – in this way you can achieve real-time behavior for your application. At the same time, the quantity of data to be transmitted and processed can be reduced so that the PC-based image processing system does not have to perform algorithms requiring considerable processor power.

With VisualApplets, the graphical development environment for FPGA programming developed by Silicon Software, even complex algorithms can be implemented quickly and easily. It allows the user to adapt the camera’s range of functions flexibly to the application at any time. Image data can thus be processed efficiently and cost-effectively with very high resolution and speed.

3D cameras for high-performance laser triangulation
The 3D cameras can locate the focal point of the laser line in the camera with sub-pixel accuracy. This means that you can transfer the profile data only, and thus significantly reduce the amount of data. With a resolution of up to 12 megapixel, line width of up to 4K and profile rates of more than 2.5 kHz at 128 lines, the slightest deviations are reliably detected even at high process speeds.

Cameras with JPEG image compression
Thanks to models with integrated JPEG image compression, you can save all down the line: from bandwidth through CPU load to storage space. This simplifies system design and reduces integration costs. The compression rate is configurable, allowing the image quality to be individually adapted to each application.

Your benefits
  • Increase throughput, simplify system design or lower system costs
    • FPGA-based image processing in the camera facilitates data transfer and evaluation
  • Complex algorithms can be implemented quickly and easily
    • Graphical FPGA development environment VisualApplets by Silicon Software
  • Seamless software integration
    • Standard-compliant to GigE Vision and GenICam
  • Real-time application behavior without additional system components
    • Deterministic  image processing directly in the camera's FPGA with flexible control of digital I/Os
  • Flexible and optimal application solution in many industries
    • Wide camera portfolio with resolutions up to 25 megapixel and 338 fps
  • Flexible and effortless installation
    • Compact 60 × 60 mm housing with M3 mount at each side and modular lens mount for M58, M42, F- or C-mount
  • Solution of fast processes with the benefits of GigE
    • Powerful cameras with burst mode and image processing
  • Adopted and optimized imaging solutions
    • Contact us for custom cameras and imaging solutions

  • 3D measurement, e.g. laser triangulation
  • Image enhancement, e.g. shading correction
  • Data reduction, e.g. JPEG image compression
  • Process monitoring, e.g. laser welding control
  • Object detection and tracking, e.g. eye tracking at high speed
  • Real-time processing, e.g. custom trigger/illumination control


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