Jul 23, 2019

Engineering made easy - the world's first photoelectric miniature sensors with CAD data and beam path
O200 miniature sensors with integrated beam path and optical axis aligned by design

The Baumer optoelectronic sensors O200 are the first miniature sensors on the market to offer 3D CAD data with integrated beam path. This saves valuable time in the engineering process, which previously was quite an effort when integrating the beam path from data sheets. In addition, the light beam of the O200 miniature sensors is aligned with the mounting holes (qTarget). This eliminates individual component tolerances and delivers consistent alignment accuracy throughout the entire sensor series. 

The O200 miniature sensors with IO-Link and innovative ambient light algorithm ensure maximum detection reliability in any lighting condition. The extensive portfolio with different sensor principles, ranges and light sources offers the right solution for virtually any application. Just for this very reason, O200 sensors are the first choice when it comes to system integration of miniature sensors.

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