If the published installation torque specifications prove to be insufficient for your application, we recommend using a nut locking liquid to secure the My-Com. The published specifications for maximum torque must not be exceeded!

With hardened steel stylus

My-Com E and D have spherical hardened steel tips which allow lateral approach of an object, such as a tapered plate.

With ZrO2 actuator tip

My-Com A, B, BS, C, F, G and M must be approached axially. Lateral approach will break the stylus.

Vibration-proof attachment

My-Com precision switch must be securely fixed into place. To ensure flawless operation, make sure the support is not subject to vibrations. Strong vibrations and high acceleration might entail switching errors caused by the inertia of the contact ball.

Cable considerations

To avoid cable breakage, the My-Com should be mounted with adequate clearance

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