Suitable for every process: Baumer sensors support off-the-shelf standard and brand compatible process connections

Baumer instruments fit almost every process connection you have in place. With more than 40 connenction types readily available, you needn’t modify your system design in any way. The Baumer Connection Identifier (BCID) provides you a convenient and safe system to identify the right process adapter to get your Baumer sensor mounted to your Application.

How to select the fitting adaptor to your instrument

In the first place, you should decide which process connection – threaded, clamped or welded. Afterwards, the sensor data sheet provides you with the BCID code for the selected connection type. Each adaptor or sleeve comes also with a BCID code. Same BCID codes always mean matching accessories – whether adaptors, ferrules, clamp rings or gaskets.

Example for the Baumer Connection Identifier (BCID) System

Fast and easy to find the right process connection

Countless connection types complicate the life of plant engineers when integrating process sensors. The following white paper shows various options for integrating process sensors into new and existing sytsmes, thus providing the optimum solution for a simple and fast integration of process sensors – without any adjustments. Furthermore this white paper uses examples to explain which variants are available and how the user can find the right sensor or adapter in just a few steps.
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Quickly and easily find the right accessories with the BCID system.

Overview of the suitable process connections to the Baumer sensors with BCID code


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