Jul 24, 2019

Best-in-class background suppression in miniature format
O200 miniature sensors with integrated beam path and optical axis aligned by design

With its O200 photoelectric miniature sensors, Baumer offers a new dimension in terms of reliability, speed and range for confined machine installation spaces. Thanks to their increased functional reserves, the O200 diffuse sensors with background suppression are the only ones with up to 120 mm sensing distance even on darkest and shiny objects such as mobile phone housings. Diffuse sensors with background suppression not only measure the light intensity reflected by the target, but also determine the distance of the object from the sensor. In this way, objects located within the adjustable sensing distance can be detected regardless of their color and surface.

The O200 sensors are immune against ambient light sources such as LEDs, camera flashes or the light of other sensors. The short response time of 0.25 ms will remain even when exposed to interference, reason why the sensors ensure extremely fast and precise position detection even on miniature objects down to 0.25 mm. For additional functional reserve, the O200 High-Power mode can be activated via IO-Link.


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