Nov 13, 2019

Baumer magnetic encoders: Precise, robust and enhancing efficiency
The Baumer magnetic encoders of the EAM580/360 series are unbeaten when it comes to reliability and precision.

The Baumer magnetic encoders of the EAM580/360 series are unbeaten when it comes to reliability and precision. "No competitive product of similar robustness and longevity could be a match for them in terms of absolute angular precision," says Mr. Daniel Kleiner, Head of the Industrial Encoder Business Unit. The Baumer absolute magnetic encoders feature an angular accuracy of +- 0.15 degrees for ultra-precise positioning tasks. According to Kleiner, with this generation of robust magnetic encoders Baumer has "reached a dimension of precision that previously only optical encoders could deliver". Furthermore more convincing features added to the encoder families are integrated efficiency-increasing interfaces.

Among other things, the secret for the outstandingly high precision and robustness of Baumer encoders lies in the patented arrangement of twin magnets (patent pending) and their innovative interaction with a powerful, energy-efficient microprocessor and sophisticated signal processing algorithms for conversion, filtering and interpolation of measured values. Operating on magneto resistive (MR) technology, the MAGRES encoders deliver two signal periods per revolution, which are twice as many as provided by Hall sensors that are deployed in competitive products. And, everything safely encased in a robust design to endure shocks and vibration. 

In the EAM development, Baumer was backed by unique knowhow and experience. As one of world's leading manufacturers of sensors and measuring instruments, Baumer not only co-invented basic principles of magnetic encoders. For two decades by now, Baumer has been extremely successful in this domain and the MAGRES encoders of the fourth generation are the living proof.

Thanks to their outstandingly high accuracy, these encoders are even suited for medical products. In patient couches of X-ray machines and computer tomographs, for example, they ensure the exact positioning of patients during treatment. . Here, the fraction of an angular degree can be decisive for the success of the treatment. And in great many more industrial applications, the high-precision EAM 580/360 encoders are a primary factor for the “application’s overall efficiency and effectiveness”. 

This is key and ever more influenced by encoder interface variety, particularly in industrial environments. Here too, the MAGRES encoders convince all along the line. Further to their varied fieldbus interfaces, Baumer offers the biggest real-time Ethernet interface variety including PROFINET, EtherCAT and EtherNet/IP. This is an enormous user benefit for simplified device integration. But in the first place, it means increased system uptime by Link Layer Discovery Protocol (LLDP) for neighborhood detection, as well as  Media Redundancy Protocol (MRP) and Device Level Ring (DLR) for continued data transmission to the controller even in the event of network branch interruption.

The OPC UA communication standard is also supported. This ensures a secure and non-reactive data exchange between different systems. Consequently, the EAM580/360 encoders are ready for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) providing optional diagnostic data for position, speed, temperature and operating hours. This way, users are offered process optimization and optimum machine and installation designs. "The MAGRES encoders enable our customers to enhance efficiency and increase their competitive edge," says Daniel Kleiner.

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