Baumer web interface
Simple parameterization and operation for precisely fitting measurement solutions
Ethernet Interface with Modbus TCP and OPC UA – OPC UA, Modbus TCP and integrated Webserver  – Baumer web interface

Simple solutions even for complex measuring tasks
Both simple and complex measuring tasks can be configured and validated quickly and easily via the intuitive Baumer web interface. For complex measurement tasks, extended functionalities such as the output of the height profile and the camera image are available for evaluating the measurement. The measurements can be recorded and analyzed over time.

Storage of parameter sets
Up to three parameter settings can be stored in the sensor. The settings can be displayed quickly and easily.

Prozess optimation
Live visualization and in-depth diagnosis

Live visualization and analysis of measured values
The delivered measured values for the selected mode can be monitored and controlled via the web interface. Invalid measured values are displayed immediately. For a more detailed analysis, the measured values can be frozen or exported.

In-depth diagnosis
For a more precise diagnosis of the measuring situation, the unfiltered camera image of the sensor can also be used. For example, unwanted reflections can be detected and the alignment can be optimized. The camera image can also be sent directly as a screenshot to Baumer, where specialists can help you quickly.

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