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Students discovery day at Baumer Stockach

Knowing right now what you would like to be? A question that many students ask themselves, we like to help finding the answer.

The trail is the reward - Summer event at the Hohorodskopf

This year, our colleagues from Friedberg went up high. By a hiking excursion together as a team they really made the summer season kick in. 

Our trainees score high by excellent results

We are proud and congratulate our apprentices on the successful completion. With diligence and a lot of innovative spirit, they were able to achieve very good grades.

With full sails into the team event

Can a team event on a sailboat go well when (almost) nobody knows anything about sailing? Yes, it can. The Baumer marketing team from Stockach (DE) and Frauenfeld (CH) has now proven this on Lake Constance.


Summer, Sun, Party !

Finally this year again, we were happy to celebrate our summer party at the Stockach location. 


Meet the PCB Layout Team

The PCB Layout Team, part of the Baumer Group Research Development meet by Bodensee, this week for a two-day workshop. The purpose of the workshop was to review the current state and projects as well as future directions considering new tools and technology.
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