Nov 5, 2018

LX series 10 GigE cameras with liquid lens support and new functions
The 10 GigE cameras with liquid lens support offer maximum flexibility in applications with varying working distances.

LX series cameras with 10 GigE enable the control of autofocus liquid lenses for instant and flexible focusing at varying working distances or object heights. Combined with advanced features like shading correction and IEEE 1588 capability, they easily apply themselves to new applications in measurement technology, logistics and the pharmaceutical industry and flexibly adapt to individual application requirements. A firmware update to easily upgrade previous LXT models will be available in the first quarter of 2019.

Electrically focusable Corning Varioptic liquid lenses excel in applications with quickly changing object distances that require fast autofocusing e.g. in 2D code inspections on packages of different heights. The autofocus lenses are powered and controlled via the camera connector. The image processing system focuses within fractions of a second, even between largely varying working distances and without mechanical movement or compromise to image quality or speed. This simplifies and speeds up many applications within a production line.

The 10 GigE LX cameras have many new powerful functions: auto features to adapt exposure times and lighting to the prevailing light conditions, sensor multi ROI to increase frame rates and reduce the amount of data transmitted, as well as shading correction to correct lens and lighting artifacts. In addition, the cameras support IEEE 1588 for precise time synchronization in multi-camera systems and RS232 for communication with external serial devices.

The LX series includes more than 40 models with Dual GigE, Camera Link or 10 GigE interface and cutting-edge global shutter CMOS sensors by ams, ON Semiconductor and Sony. With resolutions of up to 48 megapixel and frame rates of up to 337 fps, they are the ideal choice for inspection tasks with demanding requirements on image detail and throughput.

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