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Smart sensor technology for higher efficiency in development

How laser distance sensors quickly and easily solve precision measurement tasks

In the webinar focus:

The ever-increasing automation degree of modern plants entails the ever-growing importance of the efficient integration of sensor technology in the design process of plants and installations. Implementing reliable automation in high precision processes may be particularly time consuming and cost-intensive. With the smart laser distance sensors from Baumer you will considerably speed up the application development of precise measurement tasks.

Learn in the webinar how to:

  • solve precise measurement tasks in the optimal way: quickly optimize the sensor thanks to intuitive user interface.
  • increase plant reliability: Strong measuring performance unperturbed by environmental conditions.
  • minimize unplanned downtime: Digital secondary data supporting predictive maintenance.

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OM70 high-performance laser distance sensors ensure increased precision in laser marking systems from Trumpf

The OM70 high performance laser distance sensor from Baumer is an essential component for automated laser focusing, the so-called autofocus function. The OM70 high-precision distance measurement towards most varied surfaces of objects to be marked cuts down on high equipment costs while minimizing waste in parallel. Read our application report to learn more.

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