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Smart sensor solutions for the future of factory automation

We combine sensor performance with intuitive usability and clever design. Save time already in the engineering phase and gain design freedom with maximum process reliability. Use the added value of additional digital data now.

No compromises in the machine design

Why compact sensor solutions with high performance offer you more design freedom.

The trend towards more compact machines and plants continues. Sensor performance vs. size seems to be the inevitable trade-off for designers when choosing the right component. In our webinar we will show you how clever encoder designs and high-performance sensors in the smallest housing can help you to implement innovative machine and plant concepts. Reduce your engineering effort and implement innovations faster - flexibly, reliably and without compromise.

​​​​​​​The live webinar has already taken place, but save the recording now.


More than just process values!

How to meet tomorrow's challenges with today's additional digital data.

Unexpected machine downtimes are the nightmare of every production manager. The variety of additional sensor data via the IO-Link interface promises to remedy this. Find out from specific examples what real added value you can derive from digital data. Optimize your plant availability and increase your productivity today – using data supplied directly by the sensor.

The live webinar has already taken place, but save the recording now.


Time is money: Shorten your time-to-market

Fast sensor selection. Optimum solution for your application. Increase reliability.

Time-to-market is critical to the success of any company: the faster the development cycles, the lower the costs and the higher the market share and revenues. In this webinar you will learn how to accelerate your application development with intuitively parameterizable sensors and still solve the application without compromise. In addition, additional data is available via standard interfaces, which can be integrated effortlessly. Using two specific examples, we will show you how to realize fast design-in with Baumer sensors.​​​​​​​

The live webinar has already taken place, but save the recording now.


Increase plant effectiveness – that's how it works!

What influence sensors have on the three factors of plant effectiveness.

Availability, performance and quality are the three influencing factors of plant effectiveness. In this webinar, we will show you by means of specific examples how Baumer sensors have a positive effect on these factors and how your plant effectiveness can be increased sustainably. The absolutely reliable object and position detection based on high-performance functional principles and the optimal adjustment of the sensor settings are the focus of the webinar.

The live webinar has already taken place, but save the recording now.

Smart production begins with the sensor! Dive into the world of factory automation.

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