The plus in performance

We all know days where everything seems to come at you so fast – too many projects, no time to spare, and maybe the need for a new automation solution. Luckily, we have you covered! Our high-performance CX.I cameras can solve your application easily, cost-efficiently, and provide a high degree of flexibility. Learn more about the plus in performance.


A smart design to go with innovative features allows you to reduce system costs providing your customers with cost-effective solutions.

Quick and easy

Looking for flexible solutions for a wide range of applications and minimized integration effort? Just select a camera model for further individual configuration if required – you have the choice between more than 720 combinations.

Long-term stability

Quality determines success with the customers. The robust design ensures long-term stability in image analysis reducing downtime.

  • Robust camera design endures shocks up to 100 g and vibration up to 10 g
  • Reliable camera connection with M12 screw connector
  • With hard-anodized surface or in stainless steel design for safe deployment in demanding areas in food and pharmaceutical production

Throughout all industries

More than 720 combinations for easy but yet multi-faceted applications across all industries.

Your CX.I camera

You like to add the plus in performance to your machine vision application? Simply select the appropriate camera model and request a sample free-of-charge.

Request sample free-of-charge

If you need an help, we would be glad to demonstrate the benefits of the CX.I cameras in personal discussions:

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