Nov 13, 2019

Reliable limit detection without parameterization

The flexible adjustment of systems to short-term requirement changes as well is an increasingly frequent production challenge. The new CleverLevel PL20 level switches no longer have to be parameterized to a specific medium but adaptively adjust to the medium. This saves setup time while maintaining high process safety. Regardless of whether the media are liquid, paste-like, sticky, or granular – the CleverLevel PL20 recognizes them reliably and securely

The clever alternative to vibrating forks

With the latest generation of the CleverLevel level switches, Baumer offers a suitable answer to the challenges in the applications of the process industry, from media detection in pipes to reliable overfill protection of tanks or leakage detection. The CleverLevel PL20 is the universal level switch for all media. It allows stable processes and minimizes downtimes. Even adherence, which occurs with pasty materials, does not affect the performance of the level switch. In case of adhesive materials, the CleverLevel continues to automatically adjust the switching level without the need for any parameterization. Thanks to the 360° LED switching state indicator, the sensor is additionally highly user-friendly for system operators and offers information about the state of the process at all times. With its compact design and very short immersion length compared to a vibrating fork, the sensor is very flexible to install, minimally invasive in the process, and easy to clean.

Easy integration into existing and new processes

Yet the sensor is not only the optimal solution for level recording. Thanks to an optional 4 .. 20 mA analog signal, it can additional differentiate among the media in the process while the switching level can be flexibly set. This interface enables the quick and easy integration of the sensor in already existing systems. At the same time, the large selection of process connections and adapters allow the flexible integration of the sensor. The IO-link interface supports both continuous communication for the control and the simple commissioning of the sensor.

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