Reliable limit detection without parameterization

The flexible adjustment of systems to short-term requirement changes as well is an increasingly frequent production challenge. The new CleverLevel PL20 level switches no longer have to be parameterized to a specific medium but adaptively adjust to the medium. This saves setup time while maintaining high process safety. Regardless of whether the media are liquid, paste-like, sticky, or granular – the CleverLevel PL20 recognizes them reliably and securely.


Baumer magnetic encoders: Precise, robust and enhancing efficiency

The Baumer magnetic encoders of the EAM580/360 series are unbeaten when it comes to reliability and precision. "No competitive product of similar robustness and longevity could be a match for them in terms of absolute angular precision," says Mr. Daniel Kleiner, Head of the Industrial Encoder Business Unit.


Standard force sensors from Baumer: The right force sensor for every application

Force sensors are truly multitalented: They monitor the quality of production processes, maximize the performance of machines and materials, or help prevent maintenance. They are ideally highly flexible due to overlapping force ranges, standardized housing, and uniform thread sizes. Baumer sets new benchmarks in the sector with its new standard force sensors, which the Swiss sensor specialist is presenting at the SPS 2019 trade fair.


New production site in North Macedonia further strengthens the Baumer position in Europe

The search for qualified experts for future growth is a focal challenge all globally operating companies must face. Being well aware for some time already and taking the demographic change into account, the Swiss family-owned Group has dedicated itself to establish an ever more close-knit network of affiliated companies to strengthen the Baumer position in Europe and the world.


Save water, cleaning agents, and costs – the high-speed CombiLyz conductivity sensor from Baumer

Milk, water, lye, water, acid, and water again: Cleaning a system for processing and filling food (clean in place, CIP) consists of an intricate choreography of process steps, during which different liquids alternately flow through the pipes and tanks. As these media cost money and burden the environment they should be used as sparingly as possible and recycled. The CombiLyz conductivity sensor from Baumer is an indispensable assistant for the phase separation of food materials, water and cleaning agents.


Fasterthanever sensor replacement with the parameter server function

Switching point, switching window, filter, sonic  beam width, output logic: when a new sensor is installed in a machine, a variety of parameters must be adjusted to the application. The parameter server function via the IO-Link interface is the solution for parameter exchange within seconds. This ensures maximum system availability.

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