Sep 18, 2020

Precise laser sensor for detection of very small objects to 0.05 mm
The O200 miniature optical sensors detect reliably smallest objects down to 0.05 mm
O200 miniature sensors - reliable, precise, simple, and digital

Compact machine designs with limited space, detection of very small objects, narrow gaps, or precise triggering - and at fast clock rates. These are just some of the application areas for the new optical O200 miniature sensors with focused laser light beam. The new laser variants now enable even higher precision in the detection of very small position differences, extremely narrow gaps, as well as small parts such as single wires or very fine threads with a diameter of only 0.05 mm. In combination with their unsurpassed reliability even under the influence of strong ambient light such as LED illumination, machine reflections, or mutual interference from other sensors, the O200 sensors extend their already unique portfolio.

The O200 laser variants with background suppression are true all-rounders and, thanks to their unique range of 180 mm, they are suitable for the precise, pinpoint detection of the smallest objects in material feeding or in the electrical industry, for example. A minimal jitter of less than 20 microseconds ensures maximum reproducibility and thus enables highly accurate triggering.  In the packaging industry, for example, a tubular bag can be precisely cut, thus significantly minimizing material waste. With their low weight and small size, the O200 laser sensors also enable the necessary agility of grippers. Thanks to the extra power reserves (High-Power Mode), they also detect deep black or angled objects, even with large distances up to 180 mm.

In addition to the laser point versions, the portfolio also includes sensors with a 56 mm laser line. The sensors detect a much wider area and thus compensate for smaller punch-outs or holes, such as with printed circuit boards. O200 laser retro-reflective light barriers with single-lens optics can reliably detect objects even through very small openings thanks to the transmitter and receiver beam on one axis. This allows even more flexibility in machine design. 
In summary, O200 laser sensors offer noticeable added value: Thanks to their extremely high reliability and high precision, they offer a new level of safety and reliability in detecting even the smallest objects and gaps. Downtimes due to faulty detection are minimized, and system efficiency is significantly increased thanks to increased product cycle times through fast and precise triggering. The compact design and the variant diversity increase the flexibility in machine design. CAD data with integrated beam path additionally reduce the design-in effort; constructive protection measures against ambient light influences are not necessary. In short: O200 miniature sensors offer a new definition of reliability and precision.

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