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Miniature sensors in a 12 mm housing – Miniature  laser distance sensors of laser class 1

Miniature sensors in a 12 mm housing


  • Very small distance measuring sensor with integrated electronics
  • metal housing 12.4 x 37 x 34.5 mm
  • Large measuring ranges up to 120 mm
  • High-speed measurements
  • Laser-point for very small objects
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Miniature sensors with measuring ranges up to 550 mm

Miniature sensors with measuring ranges up to 550 mm


  • Compact, narrow metal housing: 13.4 x 48.2 x 40 mm
  • Teach-in measuring ranges up to 550 mm
  • Resolution up to 10 µm
  • Laser-point and laser-line
  • Laser class 1
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Your benefits
  • Increased system performance through fast recording of measured data at the relevant point
    • Very small laser triangulation distance sensor with integrated electronics
    • Adjusted focus for constant beam quality
    • Different teach-in measuring ranges of up to 550 mm
    • High measuring rate of up to 1 kHz
    • Side-by-side mounting of several sensors without mutual interference (array)
  • Simplified design and commissioning
    • Installation of the miniature housings even in small machine designs and in the robot sector
    • Laser-point for the measurement of very small objects
    • Measurement on textured surface with a laser-line beam
    • Easy integration of the sensors thanks to standard interfaces and simple operating concept
  • Quality enhancement in the process
    • Linearity error of up to 0.15% of the measuring range
    • Resolution of up to 2 μm
    • Highly accurate acquisition of part location and object positioning of even very small objects
  • High process safety through reliable operation
    • Reliable use in diverse, harsh industrial environments thanks to the compact metal housing
    • High ambient light immunity
    • The sensors are contactless and wear-free

  • Measuring of the thickness of metal, ceramics, wood panels or elastic bands (e.g. trays, sheet metal etc.)
  • High-precision distance measurements, for example in quality inspection
  • Position feedback in industrial automation
  • Level control e.g. in the packaging industry
  • Use in miniaturized handling, testing and assembly machines
  • Robots, grippers
  • Watch industry
  • Mounting of electromechanical components
  • Thickness measurement

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